The Travis Swanson story

The Travis Devon Swanson tragedy began on September 11, 2009 when two detectives, Dennis Blankinchip and Michael Sanders, entered Terry Parker High School to arrest Travis without a warrant reading his Miranda Warning. 
Travis became a suspect by association through his mother’s cell phone, which was allegedly used in a Dominos Pizza robbery on 08/19/2009.
Travis did not live with his mother nor did he have constant access to the cell phone.
There has never been any independent proof that Travis committed or was about to commit a crime. No one connected Travis to the robbery and the victim did not identify him as the perpetrator. 
For three plus years the families of Travis have been in a constant battle with the Jacksonville sheriff office and the state attorney’s office regarding his illegal removal from school campus without parental consent from his mother or grandmother, Dorothy Swanson, with whom he lived.
Eventually, Travis was tried and convicted on false information.
Travis has written two books we are in the process of trying to get his materials published. If anyone reading Travis story can offer information and help getting Travis works published please reach out to us at the information provided below.
Travis will be back in front of Judge Daniel on 02/01/2013 @ 2: p.m. court room 608 to hear possible dismissal of his case.  Judge Daniel is supposed to address the arrest at Terry Parker without a warrant. It has been almost four years, it is time to do the right thing and let Travis go.
In closing the family of Travis Swanson states, “We will continue to aggressively fight in the courts of injustice. Our family will remain steadfast and united in our common goal of seeking justice for Travis.”
We are asking for monetary donations to help with the Travis appeal, also the family is asking for letters of prayer, encouragement, and hope.
Contact Travis Swanson at:
Travis D. Swanson Inmate # 2009042211 500 East Adams Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202 

Below is an affidavit delivered to the Florida state attorney’s office:
State Attorney Angela Corey B.                                                                                                                                      Duval County Courthouse Annex                                                                                                                                   330 East Bay Street 6th Floor Room 600                                                                                                           Jacksonville, Fl 32202                                                                                                                                               
Re: Action: We are calling for the immediate arrest of Detectives Dennis Blankinchip and Michael Sanders for violations of JSO Policy and Procedures, Fl. Statute 839.13 Falsifying records.
On February 2, 2010, (my daughter) Sonya L. Holton made her first complaint with the Office of Internal Affairs. In it she stated the above listed detectives falsified police supplemental report 691600-1 this falsification led to the arrest of Travis D. Swanson inmate 2009042211 on 09/11/2009. His detention continues.
I filed my first complaint against Detectives Dennis Blankinchip and Michael Sanders on 12/20/2010 alleging they had written false statements in supplemental report 691600. I filed several complaints on this same issue but the complaints went uninvestigated. Finally my daughter Felicia Holton and I had an appointment with Chief Daniels of Professional Standards on 08/16/2011. Attendees at the round table were Chief Daniels, Lieutenant CJ Cowan of internal affairs; (me) Shirley Reed and daughter Felicia Holton. 
During the course of the meeting Chief Daniels stated someone should have already spoken with the officers that authored and further stated if his investigation showed that the statements contained within the report was indeed fraudulent he would have no other choice but to revise the report. At the end of the meeting Chief Daniels stated he wanted me and my daughter Felicia leaving the meeting confident that he would do as he had stated. Less than a week later I received a letter from Chief Daniels stating the officers had been re-contacted and no further investigation would be conducted.
I responded to his letter and asked to provide me with the information that was used to exonerate both officers; but I received no response. Detectives Blankinchip have given Deposition testimony and repeated what is contained within supplemental 691600, each officer has taken the stand on a few occasions and repeated the same false information.
According to JSO Policy and Procedures an officer is not allowed to falsify any report orally or in written form. They are to refrain from giving testimony they know not to be factually correct. If any citizen had done what these officers have done they would be serving time already for giving false information to a police officer. According to the guidelines of filing an Internal Affairs complaint steps (1-4) were never followed.
Unless you are ready to tell me that these officers are above the law, I demand their immediate arrest for falsification of Supplemental Report # 691600-1 written on 09/11/2009 written by Detective Dennis Blankinchip and attested to by Detective Michael Sanders. An official statement to include a police report is a government document. Falsifying a report is against the law… An official statement to include a police report is nearly on the same level as testimony.
The duty of the internal affairs unit is to investigate alleged violation of the law and not just merely pass it along to the officers’ supervisor and send a letter stating they find no fault with the officers’ report when we have given undisputable and undeniable proof that the report is indeed false and misleading.
On March 13, 2013, approximately 3:00 -4:00 I and my daughter Sonya Holton came to the State Attorney’s Office to initiate charges against both detectives, After we were properly signed I proceeded first to the counter where I was speaking with an Afro American receptionist when my daughter approached. She was telling me that I could not file charges against an officer and insisted we needed to go to the Police Memorial Building give a statement and come back with a white card that would signify we had followed her instructions. We stated we had already done that and the only remedy left was for us to seek charges against the detectives ourselves pursuant to Fl. Statute 839.13 Falsifying records; which is a misdemeanor of the first degree. The maximum penalty under Florida Law is a one-year prison term and a fine of $1,000.00
She continued to speak stating no citizen of Jacksonville can make a complaint on an officer with the Office of State Attorney then, stated “only police can bring charges against another officer.”
My daughter and I both questioned her about her statement. She then stated using us as examples if I were the victim I could only file misdemeanor charges against the perpetrator. We asked her to provide a copy of State Policy and Procedures where the information could be found, but the request was promptly refused. We proceeded to the Police Memorial Building and stated what we had been told by the receptionist for the State. We were told she did not give us correct information and was directed back to the Office of State Attorney.
I (Shirley Reed) called the State Attorney Office on 03/14/2013 around 4:10 P.M. and spoke with a receptionist and repeated what my daughter and I were told on the previous day. I kept asking for her name but she would not provide it; she finally put me through to Donna Cornellier Secretary. I then asked her to provide me with her name, “She said Angelic” then proceeded to tell me that her supervisor Donna Cornellier had left the floor around 3:00 P.M. Offered to put me through to her voice mail she referred me back to JSO. I told her we had been fighting them for more than 3 years and had gone through the ranks to get to Sheriff Rutherford, but he refused to make a move against his officers. I then asked Angelic to transfer me back to the reception area so I could get the name of the receptionist that gave us the advice on yesterday. When the receptionist picked up I asked her for the name of the black lady that sitting behind the desk on yesterday around 3-4 p.m. and was told to hold on. The next voice I heard was Angelic back on the phone telling me she was going to put me through to Donna Cornellier. I left a message for Ms. Cornellier, call concluded at 4:27
I explained to her what we were trying to do then repeated to her what we were told on yesterday by the receptionist. She responded by saying, she had never heard that before then she asked if had been watching the news and stated police do get arrested.
We have tried to redress our concerns but at every juncture we have been told repeatedly that the officers’ actions were lawful and legal in the course of doing their duties. We humbly agree to disagree.
Both detectives had a duty to investigate. Everyone can allege all day long that my daughter Sonya Holton said this or that, where is her statement to confirm what Blankinchip put in his report? Where is my statement to back up her alleged statement? Before I was included in this report any statements that were alleged I made should have been investigated. They failed in this area. Therefore, by continuing to uphold both detectives you are in violation of our Civil Rights, Constitutional Rights, State Rights, State Constitutional Rights, Bill of Rights, Common Courteous Rights, Common Decency Rights, and Right to Re-dress our complaint in a court of law
Both officers have been allowed to take the stand and give false testimony again and again. What each one did was not a clerical error or a misprint; this was done with forethought and malicious intent. They knew full well what they were doing. Both officers have 40 or more years of combined experience between the both of them. They should have known better.
We have followed all of the procedures we were told to follow up to Sheriff John Rutherford with a personal phone call to me. He stated if you prove to me that my officers violated the law, “I will put them in handcuffs myself.” Today is the day Sheriff Rutherford.
A police report is evidence; therefore, lying in a police report and filing that report is tampering with evidence. Each detective has committed perjury a few times already lying about what they were swearing to. The statement (s) in supplemental 691600-1 was obviously and deliberately incorrect; to allow this injustice to continue would be a grave miscarriage of justice and human principals. We have been a victim of your lies long enough; you have abused the justice system again and again.
Prayer for Relief:
1.         My daughter and I want supplemental report 691600-1 dismissed as fraudulent, misleading, incorrect and a blatant lie.
2.         Detectives Dennis Blankinchip and Michael Sanders immediately placed under arrest for violation of City, State and Federal laws.
We as Citizens of the United States are protected by the Constitution against the whims of police officers. We have basic rights and demand those right are adhered to, which is the reason for the internal affairs Division. If J.S.O. Internal Affairs department do not adhere to their own policy and procedures by completing an open and honest investigation of its citizens complaints then we are truly living in a Police State.
It is against the law to make false official statements or make false police reports. Lying under oath is also illegal. Police officers, have a duty and responsibility to set higher standards. Police officers should not be given special treatment a violation of the law is a violation of the law badge or no badge.
Sheriff Rutherford stated in Biography that, “Police must be men and women of character and sound judgment.”
I HEREBY CERTIFY that a copy of the above Affidavit has been provided to the Clerk of Court, and Hand Delivered to the Following Individuals. All addresses are currently on file in the clerks’ office. State Attorney Angela Corey; Chief Judge Donald R. Moran; Sheriff John Rutherford; Pam Bondi Office of Attorney General State of Florida The Capitol PL-01 Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050 this 19th day of March 2013.


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