The tasks of the Movement and it’s revolutionary vanguard Party

We reprint here in an excerpt from V.I. Lenin’s “The Urgent Task of our Movement, Collected Works, Volume 4.” Lenin, leader of the Russian revolution, penned this piece in 1900.

We must train people who will devote the whole of their lives, not only their spare evenings, to the revolution; we must build up an or­ganization large enough to permit the introduction of a strict division of labor in the various forms of our work.
Finally, with regard to ques­tions of tactics, we shall confine ourselves to the following: Social- Democracy does not tie its hands, it does not restrict its activities to some one preconceived plan or method of political struggle; it rec­ognizes all methods of struggle, provided they correspond to the forces at the disposal of the Party and facilitate the achievement of the best results possible under the given conditions.
If we have a strongly organized party, a single strike may turn into a political demonstration, into a; polit­ical victory over the government. If we have a strongly organized par­ty, a revolt in a single locality may grow into a victorious revolution.
We must bear in mind that the struggles with the government for partial demands and the gain of certain concessions are merely light skirmishes with the enemy, encounters between outposts, whereas the decisive battle is still to come. Before us, in all its strength, towers the enemy fortress which is raining shot and shell upon us, mowing down our best fighters.
We must capture this fortress, and we will capture it, if we unite all the forces of the awakening prole­tariat with all the forces of the Rus­sian revolutionaries into one party which will attract all that is vital and honest in Russia.
Only then will the great proph­ecy of the Russian worker-revolu­tionary, Pyotr Alexeyev, be fulfilled: “The muscular arm of the working millions will be lifted, and the yoke of despotism, guarded by the sol­diers’ bayonets, will be smashed to atoms!”

“At various times during our history we have declared the significance of building the African People’s Socialist Party. At no time, however, has the existence of our Party been more significant and urgently needed than it is today. Not only is building the Party a crucial task of our organization and our members, it is also the fundamental task of the African Revolution at this critical historical juncture.” — Chairman Omali Yeshitela, Political Report to the Fifth Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party style=”width:250px;” />



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