The redemption of Africa depends on all African people dispersed across the world: A call from the motherland

Africa is the national homeland of all black people across the world.

The African People’s Socialist Party, through its theory of African Internationalism has been able to unambiguously explain who constitutes the African Nation.

I will not elaborate on that in this article, but it should be obvious without much theorizing that if you look like people in Africa and your ancestors were taken by force from Africa, then you’re an African.

Even though our colonizers in the Americas and Europe often want to convince us that we are Americans and Europeans respectively, they do not hesitate to treat us the same way they treat Africans here in Africa.

Moreover, because of our history and material conditions, we have been able to observe very close cultural affinities between African people, at home and abroad.

Therefore, African people are one, regardless of where we may be located following our dispersal at the hand of the European colonizer.

And Africa, with all its wealth that is currently under the custodianship of our colonizers, belong to all of us wherever we may be.

“Call our souls our own”

The case of Europeans enslaving Africans and colonizing Africa, concurrently  becoming a dominating force over our lives is one of dehumanization.

Consequently, our struggle to overturn this relationship is a case of reclaiming our humanity.

African martyr, Robert Sobukwe, poetically referred to this quest as one of being able “to call our souls our own.”

This struggle has been instinctively fought by African people without relent since the first attack on our motherland, that saw the snatching of the first group of Africans to be turned into unpaid laborers by Portuguese pirates.

With an undying spirit of resistance, we were able to carry that spirit with us even to the Americas and Europe, where we would undergo a brutal process of centuries of abuse and alienation.

Through the same economic structures of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, our imperialist oppressors penetrated our continent and began a blood stained lucrative business of sucking Africa’s resources around-the-clock for centuries.

Despite what some pundits say about Ethiopia and Liberia, every inch of the African landmass has suffered colonial attack and oppression one way or another.

The artificial borders that divide us

It was in 1652 when a Dutch man named Jan Van Riebeeck established the first settler community in the southern tip of Africa.

Since then, African people connected to this terrestrial location referred to as Southern Africa have not known peace.

Not only do we suffer the consequence of being colonially dispossessed, our ignoble colonizers have recently found it necessary to bastardize history by arguing that we have no claim to this land because when they arrived it was empty with wild animals and untouched shrubs.

Today, Africa is no longer one.

55 artificial entities have been carved up to facilitate the loot of our resources and deny us the ability to consolidate our national identity.

Not only are we kept away from our resources, we also have a minority, neocolonial class of black compradors whose material interests are tied with those of the colonizers, effectively pushing our people out of political life and away from the ability to realize our power as a people dispersed across the world.

With neocolonialism, what we in the Uhuru Movement refer to as “white power in black face”, imperialist scavengers continue to loot African resources, compromising our ability to produce life for ourselves.

Many young people locked within the 55 so-called countries are becoming more and more urbanized, but instead the poverty and unemployment keep rising at an alarming rate.

This is happening while thousands of ‘smart’ young Africans are enticed in the form of bursaries to leave Africa and contribute in western development through what is actually an imperialist practice of brain drain.

“Africa for Africans, at home and abroad!”

In the early 1900s, it took an African from Jamaica, who never set foot in Africa until his last breath, to make us realize that as long as we continue to see ourselves as many isolated entities, or appendages of our colonial masters, we will remain weak and ineffective.

It was Marcus Garvey who gave us the blueprint for what it will take for Africa to be unified and liberated from foreign forces who desire nothing good for our motherland.

Through his organization, Garvey declared that, ”Our success educationally, industrially and politically is based upon the protection of a nation founded by ourselves. And the nation can be nowhere else but in Africa.”

It is for this reason that we have taken up the responsibility to build the Azania front of the African Revolution, through which the African working class can finally connect with the rest of their colonized brothers and sisters and wage a successful struggle against our oppressors.

The African People’s Socialist Party – Occupied Azania that we are building in South Africa, alongside the work that is being initiated in places like Ghana, Nigeria and the Netherlands, is practical proof of our determination to build the African Socialist International, the bastion of the African Revolution.

Africans in the U.S., Brazil or London cannot be free unless Africa is free.

Another African from the Western Hemisphere, Malcom X, realized this fact and made the statement that “…help Africa in its struggle to free itself from western domination. No matter where the black man is, he will never be respected until Africa is a world power.”

This is what Chairman Omali Yeshitela has been tirelessly calling all of us to for the past 50 years.

The unified socialist Africa cannot be realized by the efforts of Africans in Africa alone.

Only through the conscious participation of Africans dispersed across the world can Africa and Africans be truly free.

One Africa, One Nation!

Build the African Socialist International!


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