The imperialist crisis in Sweden and the growth of African Internationalism

African Internationalism is spreading in Sweden

SWEDEN­­––Sweden is a small country in the northern part of Europe. Sweden, like all other countries of the white oppressors have benefited from the slavery and genocide of Africans and other colonized peoples in the world.

The white population of Sweden has a long history of denial when it comes to their participation in the brutal history of white peoples’ assault on the rest of the world.

Sweden had colonies in the Americas and Africa

To name a few: Saint Bart’s in the Caribbean, was a Swedish colony for over 94 years, before it was handed over to France. Gustavia, which is the Capital in Saint Bart’s, was a name given after the Swedish King, Gustav III.

In 1786, Sweden collaborated and made an agreement with the ‘West indies Company’ where it was declared that Sweden had a right to freely pursue slave trade in Angola and all along the west African coast.

This is how Sweden could exploit and profit from big gold mines in West Africa, one of them being Cabo Corso in today’s Ghana, which during the 1600s was called the ‘Swedish gold coast’ 

So the wealth we see in Sweden today is a result of the looting of Africa and African people.

Imperialism is in crisis everywhere today as a result of the resistance from colonized peoples all over the world

When you watch the news the imperialists never admit that capitalism is in crisis. They only spin their self-serving narrative on the different wars, and do it as if the wars are separate and apart.

But as far as being colonized subjects, we have been in a crisis for over 600 years and we identify the source of our oppression as the social system of capitalism.

The imperialists want to save this parasitic capitalist economy by any means while we, the oppressed, want to deepen it and destroy it for good since it has its genesis in our exploitation.

As a result of the crisis, we also see an enormous growth of right-wing political parties all over Europe; Sweden included.

It is important to understand that this far right so-called fascist tendency is a response from a certain sector of the white ruling class and population whenever there is a crisis because the system cannot rule in the same old way anymore.

This is why we see many of these so called fascist parties blaming the ‘immigrants’ for the crisis when in fact the whole of Europe’s wealth was stolen from the oppressed and exploited “immigrants.”

African Internationalism is spreading in Europe and Sweden

Africans in Sweden have, as a result of the imperialist crisis, faced a lot of contradictions such as mass unemployment, gentrification, more police containment in our communities, the theft of African children by the State, etc.

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) and its mass organizations are targeting different needs of the community with the goal of building solid branches in order to be able to carry out the work that is necessary at this time.

We have been able to build the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO) with several sisters who are willing to work on a campaign that will be revolved around the theft of African children by the State.

There has also been an increase of APSP members, not only in Sweden but also in places such as the Netherlands. These new forces will also play a huge role in the building of the African Liberation Day which will take place in Paris in May 2017.

This will give the APSP and the Uhuru Movement a better capacity to lead the African revolution on the European Front.  

The African Peoples Socialist Party, has, since its founding, always been clar on our goals and objectives

Our solid goals are as follows: To free Africa and her scattered people; To build a single united African nation, where the means of production is in the hands of the workers themselves. We are talking about the dictatorship of the African working class.

Wherever we are located in the world, our freedom will only depend on our capacity to organize for revolution!

I call on all freedom loving Africans to join the African People’s Socialist Party!

Join the African Socialist International!


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