The emerging work of the Uhuru Movement in Occupied Azania (South Africa)

The Uhuru Movement is real and alive in Occupied Azania (South Africa). This is a reality that every social force within these borders and all those who have an interest in the affairs of this country will have to deal with henceforth.
Most people are familiar with the Uhuru Movement and its work organized in the United States of America.
However, Chairman Omali Yeshitela, following on the example of Marcus Garvey, declared decades ago that since African people are one people dispersed across the world due to slavery and colonialism, we are going to organize ourselves globally, under centralized leadership in order to assure total liberation and unification of our people.

Luwezi, Chairman, Tafarie, and DC Ona
From left to right, ASI Secretary General Luwezi Kinshasa, ASI Chairman Omali Yeshitela, Chair of APSP-Occupied Azania Tafarie Mugeri, and APSP Deputy Chair Ona Zene Yeshitela

We are primarily young African people and have taken the initiative to build this revolutionary movement despite the fact that there are many already existing organizations that we can join in the country.
The reality is, although any organization can claim revolution by way or rhetoric and pronouncement, there can only be one vanguard and that is the African People’s Socialist Party—the organization leading the work of the Uhuru Movement and the African revolution.
On May 8, South Africa will be having its sixth general election since the 1994 formal establishment of neocolonial rule on this occupied territory. Nineteen new political parties have entered the electoral ballot since the last general elections of 2014, making it 48 parties contesting the national elections and over 600 organizations running for local government.
All these organizations, particularly the 48 who are on a rush travelling across the country campaigning for the people to vote them into parliament are claiming to be the best candidates to solve the problems that face this illegitimate country and the people tied to it.
However, we do not judge organizations by what they say, but by their political activity and action. The African petty bourgeoisie, who make up the lot of leadership in these organizations, has a narrow definition of politics that reduce people’s political involvement to putting an X on the ballot paper.
It is common for radically sounding politicians to state that we won our political freedom in 1994 and what is left for us is to acquire economic freedom. That is actually the platform of the Economic Freedom Fighters that has gained them the popularity they temporarily enjoy.
Our African Internationalist understanding that politics is nothing but concentrated economics has helped us clear the mist that hides the class character of the ANC neocolonialists and those who want to perfect the South African neocolonial democracy.

African Internationalism has forever impacted African workers in Occupied Azania! 

The political program of the ANC government is expressed in their unwillingness to allow the African working class economic power over the productive forces of society. 
For us, 1994 was the birth of a colonial period whereby the African working class would be demobilized and pushed out of political life as the African petty bourgeoisie enter a pact with our colonizers to be integrated into the master’s parasitic house. Hence we have concluded that political freedom for the African working class will come in the process of making revolution.

InPDUM South Africa wins the African working class back to political life

Our efforts and struggle of building the African People’s Socialist Party-Occupied Azania since 2015 has had us learn that the African working class is totally removed from political life.
The only forces who have a consistent engagement with political activity and discourse are the Pan-Africanists and middle class sellouts.
As a result, we resolved that the African People’s Socialist Party must build a mass organization that will get the people from the mud of history where they are and mobilize, train and develop them into proletarian revolutionaries capable of crushing imperialism and its local running dogs.
That has been the work of InPDUM South Africa in the process of building branches across the country.

African at the mic
Secretary General Asa Anpu gives political education during a weekly community rally.

In different townships of South Africa, where the African working class is concentrated for a reserve of labour for white bosses and rich blacks, you will find us with a speaker conducting the Black Power Friday Rallies. Our theme is Black Community Control of Politics where we call African workers to control both the politics and the economics.
InPDUM South Africa is the APSP-Occupied Azania’s organizational front that will be engaged in ongoing struggle to win Africans to political action around the critical issues confronting us on a daily basis.
Join the Revolution.



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