The death of Baby Kendrea: A lynching in Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS—Six-year-old Kendrea Johnson was found in her bedroom, hanging by a jump rope tied into a “sophisticated noose,” on December 27, 2014.
The Foster Care program of Minnesota, which is hostile to black life, placed Kendrea and her one-year-old brother into a foster care system in December of 2013—a part of our ongoing genocide.
Both of the children were placed into the foster care home of Tannise and Andra Nawaqavou of Brooklyn Park, Minnesotain in March of 2013.
Death by hanging
Andra reported to authorities that he found Baby Kendrea hanging from her jump rope that was tied to the bed post. The initial police investigators stated that the noose was “too sophisticated” for a six year old to tie.
Despite this, the police concluded its investigation in mid-January, without charging anyone with Kendrea’s death.
 “Records show that Kendrea’s behavior had changed dramatically in foster care,” according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. They quote official reports as saying, “Kendrea showed severe guilt, as she does not feel lovable or acceptable.”
Then after learning that the Nawaqavou foster care family had been investigated for over a year for abuse of the children, the Star Tribune reported in its January 18 online edition that, “Before she was found December 27 hanging from a jump rope tied to her bunk bed, Kendrea was reportedly sexually endangered, threatened with beatings, locked in her room and may have been exposed to pornography – all the while becoming extremely angry that she could not be returned to her family, records show.”
Family separation leads to destruction
Kendrea, like most children separated from their parents, was naturally discontented after being placed in the care of people who she did not know. Kendrea knew what her mother’s and grandmother’s love was like.
Her behavior changed drastically and she was labeled as special needs with severe emotional and behavioral problems. Consequently, Kendrea was forced to attend multiple therapy sessions with paid psychiatrists and psychologists.
The whole African population in America who was stolen from our people by people who don’t even look like us but lord over us and fill us with anger. Our whole people, unlike Kendrea, has the ability to build the revolutionary project to break away from the kidnappers.
The majority of African children who are placed with foster care families are at some point determined to be “special needs” children when they resist the domination of those people whose only connection with them is financial.
The psych doctors are also paid tremendous sums of money for verifying the “special needs” aspect of the foster care scam–covered in last month’s Burning Spear story, “Selling African children in the 21st Century.”
The foster “parents” accused the six-year- old of having extreme emotional behavior problems and disclosed that Kendrea spoke of wanting to be reunited with her mother.
Kendrea’s mother and grandmother state, without fear of contradiction, that she was a perfectly normal child who was loved and cared for by them and her other relatives.
The accusation is that Baby Kendrea’s death was a suicide is absurd. The two-week investigation determined her death was either suicide or an accident. Two weeks and they are done. They are still investigating the murder of Jon Benét Ramsey.
Child and adolescent behavior researcher, David Palmiter of Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania reported that the case of 6-year-old Baby Kendrea hanging herself is extremely abnormal.
He,in fact, declared in a CBS Minnesota story that in his 25 years of practice he has never reviewed a case of “suicidal” thoughts or behavior“in a child younger than 10” years of age.
So how at such an early age did Baby Kendrea become exposed to such a horrific method of suicide so significant to Africans? Where did she learn to tie a noose?
Investigators even question the child’s awareness of such a sophisticated knot. Her death, nonetheless, has been ruled an accident or a suicide and the case has been closed.
Kendrea was a happy child when the State, under the guise of caring for her safety, took her away from her parents.
African children, however, have historically been victims of forced separations from parents all for the sake of profit.
Insufficient investigation
There were three separate investigations into Baby Kendrea’s death. One of the investigations included the licensing foster agency, Family Alternatives.
An “investigation” is being conducted to determine if the agency provided proper oversight of the foster home. Systematic failures by county child protection have been noted in units throughout Minnesota.
The National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS) is a federally sponsored effort that collects and analyzes annual data on child abuse and neglect voluntarily submitted by states.
Fifty-one states reported a total of 1,537 fatalities,in 2010. Based on the data, an estimated 1,560 children died from abuse and neglect, nationally. After analyzing the data based on child fatalities, the following disturbing results were reported:
â–  The overall rate of child fatalities was 2.07 deaths per 100,000 children.
â–  Nearly 80 percent of all child fatalities were younger than 4 years old.
â–  Boys had a higher child fatality rate than girls at 2.51 boys per 100,000 boys in the population. Girls died of abuse and neglect at a rate of 1.73 per 100,000 girls in the population.
â–  More than 30 percent of child fatalities were attributed exclusively to neglect.
â–  More than 40 percent of child fatalities were caused by multiple maltreatment types.
We can protect our children from a system that capitalizes on separating them from their family if we returned to our African way of the village raising the child. It would prevent our children from being shuffled into a system that cares nothing for their welfare.
The way we return to our African way of life is to organize to defeat U.S. colonialism which dominates every aspect of our lives. We will not know peace and our children will not have a future until we take matters into our own black hands.
Join the organization that is fighting for our rights. Join the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM).
Demand that the case of Baby Kendrea be reopened!
Black Power to the African community!
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