The Burning Spear newspaper chronicles our movement!

Editor’s note: 

The following is an excerpt from “An Uneasy Equilibrium” written by Chairman Omali of the African People’s Socialist Party.


Throughout the years, The Burning Spear newspaper has played a key role in expressing the unity of the Party’s theory and practice.

After the influential newspapers of the Black Panther Party and Nation of Islam had been effectively neutralized, The Burning Spear continued to project the ever-developing aims of our movement, not as eulogizer of the fallen or the past, but as the primary advocate of the basic ideals that the U.S. counterinsurgency was designed to silence.

The Burning Spear pre-dated the African People’s Socialist Party by several years, having been founded as the political organ of JOMO. The Spear served to keep the masses connected to the ideals and surviving organizations of the pro-independence movement.

Through The Spear we have been able to fortify the morale of our people who were suffering the vicious counterinsurgency defeat with its political assassinations, mass police roundups of militants and imprisonment of some of our leaders, including this writer.

The tireless on-the-ground campaigns of the Party: freeing political prisoners, exposing police violence, denouncing the countless attacks on the African working class around the U.S. and the world are chronicled in the pages of The Spear. Our Party’s journal has always been a lively forum for discussion and struggle on political and practical questions facing the African working class from all walks of life.

The Burning Spear reports on the victories of the people of Viet Nam and the ongoing struggles throughout the Americas. We exposed our people here to the struggle in Zimbabwe and its connection to the movement within the U.S.

The New Jewel Movement of Grenada, the resistance of the people to the U.S.-imposed dictatorship of the Shah of Iran, and other issues impacting oppressed peoples around the world were all kept before Africans in the U.S. and other areas of the world where our newspaper was distributed. We covered the continuing battles of the besieged leaders of the Black Panther Party and the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika as well as those we were involved in ourselves.

The Burning Spear was the primary organ used to convey to the world the ideological developments of our Party that pushed our struggle forward, moving it beyond the stagnation imposed on it by the repression that resulted in many who survived the assassinations and imprisonment, being forced into exile or into often inactive underground existence.

Today, The Burning Spear newspaper and its online version, [], continue as a unique, vital international forum engaging and informing African workers and our allies everywhere.







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