The Azania Weekly Rap

Uhuru comrades!
I want to charge this rap against the vicious South African settler colonial bondage of African people by stating that we must all be like comrade Omowale Kefing who has just recently made a departure from this world.

Chairman Omali Yeshitela described comrade Kefing as a man with revolutionary stamina and stature who was selfless and willing to undergo the harshest conditions if it would forward our revolution.

Let us be like Kefing!

The Public Protector saga is part of the existential crisis of neo-colonialism

A number of questions may be asked on the recent conundrum relating to the South African Public Protector (PP) being in and out of court for stepping on the toes of the untouchables of this country’s comprador elites.

As a political organization we will obviously be asked what our position is on the whole drama being acted out in the cases concerning advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane and the people she has set her guns on.
This is simple for us. We obviously do not support Cyril Ramaphosa and his partner in crime Pravin Gordhan, not only based on the merits of the cases on discussion, but also for the fact that these reactionary forces are shameless criminals who work hand in glove with the imperialists of the world.
As revolutionaries, we must always be against whatever the enemy is for, and be for whatever the enemy is against. This is not unreasonable at all, we simply understand that our class and national enemies will never take a position or an action without a self-serving hidden agenda that is aimed at maintaining the status quo of class exploitation and national oppression.
This is despite the correctness of the position the enemy may take at a given time (I am not implying that Ramaphosa and Gordhan are correct in any case).

We are not engaged in this struggle to make the enemy act right or wrong. Our task is to overthrow the enemy! Our struggle is not to make them act right or say the right things; unless it will help their speedy downfall.
Comrades, let us also make it clear that Busissiwe Mkhwebane is not a revolutionary, nor a hero as far as the struggle of the colonized African masses is concerned – a fact with which the African People’s Socialist Party is concerned. We want to overturn colonialism, not to perfect it.
The Public Protector (PP) is a State institution that is designed to strengthen the South African neo-colonial bourgeois democracy. This State institution is one amongst the so-called Chapter 9 institutions of the South African constitution. One other such institution is the human rights commission.
All these institutions are said to be formed to protect the freedoms of the citizens of the country, but we know that there is no freedom for the downtrodden black masses in the townships and villages who labour for white power under the most pernicious conditions imaginable.
Thus, we understand that Busisiwe Mkhwebane knows her mandate, which is to provide a cosmetic posture that will give the impression that those in power are kept in check by an “independent” body. Consequently, the PP is currently under fire for crossing her boundaries and failing to read the temperature of the ruling class in their desires and the programme that they have for every government official, especially the president.
Mkhwebane should not have tempered with the funding of Ramaphosa’s 2017 ANC internal elections campaign, because we know that is against the South African constitution, which is, in fact, the handwriting of the colonial ruling class. Ramaphosa was hand-picked by the capitalists who run the colonial economy of South Africa, those who exercise their “hidden” dictatorship (dictatorship being the rule without regard for law).
The Democratic Alliance (another project of the ruling class) says Mkhwebane is unfit for the office of the PP; what they really mean is that she does not understand the boundaries set by white power. The fact of the matter is that there is no way that South Africa can be made to serve the colonized masses. All the constitutional institutions are primarily meant to serve the colonial interests of the white ruling class.
Mkhebwane is not responsible for the crisis that faces her office, indeed, there is no crisis of the Public Protector. The crisis is in the demise of the neo-colonial rule of our white colonizers and their lackeys that is caused by the rising demands of the colonized black masses inside this country.
Thus, our position is simply that we want the downfall of Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC government and the total destruction of South Africa and all its institutions of repression as a precondition for the African working class in alliance with the poor peasantry to rise. Simply put, we want a revolutionary conclusion beyond the current neo-colonial compromise.

Defend African migrant workers from the monopolistic capitalist colonial State repression and propaganda

The opinions we are hearing all over social media and elsewhere on what has been dubbed the #JoburgRaids, prove increasingly that there is a need for us to fight for this weekly publication.

Our Party is the advanced detachment of the AFRICAN working class. I did not say “South African” working class.

We understand that the State has intensified its propaganda so-much that many of our people in this country have been won to the attack on black migrant workers who also suffer the same colonial oppression as the black workers considered South African.
However, as for us, the members of the APSP, we cannot be confused about our position with regards to the clash between the vendors and the police in the Johannesburg CBD (central business district). The pigs (police) and the reactionary government of the ANC and its allies must be condemned. We must support the African working class against the repressive South African neocolonial settler State police.
We all saw from the television what happened on two occasions within these past two weeks in the city. Including the deployment of the military in both the Cape flats and the borders. I will not report these events to you again, the bourgeois media has done a lot of that. Except that their narrative suits the opinion of the State and the capitalists that control it.
Remember that without the intervention of African Internationalism, the African working class, those who live in the impoverished communities and those who are forced to risk their lives by crossing the colonial boarders for “greener pastures” will not be in possession of a philosophy of our own that will speak to our national and class experiences and interests.
We have to take to the people the understanding of two things with regards to the issue at hand: the State and national consciousness (the African Nation). Our Party has prepared separate studies on these two questions.
African Internationalism, the worldview developed by African revolutionary leader, Chairman Omali Yeshitela, gives us the narrative and helps us understand what the State is. Our glossary defines the State as follows: “an apparatus of repression that emerges at a time when society is split into classes; its purpose of existence is to protect the existing social system through use of coercion. The form that the State takes is different depending on the kind of social system. The army, police, courts and prisons are all part of the State apparatus.”
The South African State serves the interests of big business; which is why the police raid the shops of African workers who trade in goods that the ruling class does not benefit from. That is the whole point of raiding the stores and sidewalk stalls in the city with the target being “counterfeit” goods.

Crime is actually anything that interferes with the profit making agenda of the capitalist ruling class. In other words, all workers are criminals as soon as they begin to operate outside of the channels designed by the parasitic ruling class.
The African workers, mainly migrants who have been filmed throwing stones at the police vans have been condemned as “foreign nationals,” or “foreigners” who do not respect the “laws of our country.” Firstly, these are the laws of our oppressors and secondly this is NOT our country, it was created by and for the benefit of the settler European colonizers! We must win our people from identifying with our colonizers. We are Africans, and we suffer colonial oppression delivered through the colonial State alias the police, army, prisons, courts etc.
Last year, at the Seventh Congress of our Party, Chairman Omali explained the South African situation with these words: “African Internationalism teaches us that Africans living in Zimbabwe are part of the African Nation and what separates all the people living in Occupied Azania are class interests and national oppression. We reject the colonial borders and as our capacity grows in Occupied Azania we will work to organize all the destitute African workers throughout that country, the region and the great African continent into a powerful proletarian army under the leadership of their revolutionary proletarian Party.”
Notes on the Margin:
– The land reform report by Ramaphosa’s advisory panel is a neo-colonial fuss.
– We stand in solidarity with Venezuela against the desperate sanctions of the U.S.
– Africans in Cameroon must fight for a unified Africa and not some small colonial territories designed by capitalism.
– Remember Marcus Garvey this Black August
– #VoteAkile

Let’s build to win!


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