The ASI must be the solution to Africa’s problems

The advent of European imperialism and colonialism to Africa brought in its wake the phenomenon of white domination, whether visible or invisible, which is characterized by the political oppression, economic exploitation and social degradation of the indigenous African masses.

Following the “capture” of a portion of the black leadership of Africa by a section of the leadership of the white ruling class, the masses of our people are in extreme danger of being deceived into losing sight of the objectives of our struggle. This captured black leadership claims to be fighting for freedom when, in truth, it is fighting to perpetuate the domination of African people. It is fighting tooth and nail against Africans gaining effective control of their own countries. It is fighting for the maintenance of the status quo. It is fighting for “constitutional guarantees” or “national rights” for alien nationals.

It has completely abandoned the objective of freedom and joined the ranks of reactionary forces. It is no longer within the ranks of the liberation movement.

In Occupied Azania [known by its colonial name, South Africa], these “leaders” consider South Africa and its wealth to belong to all who live in it — the alien dispossessors and the indigenous dispossessed, the alien robbers and their indigenous victims.

These so-called leaders regard as equals the foreign master and his indigenous slave, the white exploiter and the African exploited, the foreign oppressor and the indigenous oppressed. They also regard as brothers the subject Africans and their European overlords.

They are too incredibly naive and too fantastically unrealistic to see that the interests of the subject peoples, who are criminally oppressed, ruthlessly exploited and inhumanely degraded, are in sharp conflict and in pointed contradiction with those of the white ruling class.

Citizen Toussaint once remarked that “whenever anybody, be he white or mulatto, wants a dirty job done, he always gets the negro to do it.” This charterist leadership, true to type, is doing the oppressor’s dirty job, namely, seeing to it that the African is deprived for all time of his inherent right to control his country effectively. It sees to it that whatever new social order is established in this country, the essentials of white domination are retained, even though its frills and trappings may be torn off.

Their white masters have labeled this attitude “multi-racialism.” They have even boldly suggested that being a multi-racialist is a virtue!

“The historic tasks of the African Socialist International (ASI) are clearly the product of Africa’s history, and the forces and factors, which have made it what it is today… the ASI must find concrete expression in organizational form and substance in order that it may achieve its historic tasks.”

The African people are very much proud of their race — the human race. They recognize no inescapable fundamental differences among members of even the three main branches of that race: the Caucasoid, Mongoloids and Afrinoids. African people at home and abroad recognize themselves as part of one African nation, stretching from Cape to Cairo, Madagascar to Morocco, and pledge themselves to strive and work ceaselessly to find organizational expression for this nation in a merger of free, independent African states.

This United States of Africa — will serve as an effective bulwark against the forces of imperialism and colonialism, Herrenvolkism* and tribalism; as well as a sure and lasting foundation for an Africanist socialist democracy.

African people regard the development of such a nation as essential for the preservation of their sovereignty, of their vital material and spiritual interests and for the creation of conditions under which they will be enabled to make their lasting contribution to human advancement in a free Africa.

What the ASI’s tasks must be

The historic tasks of the African Socialist International (ASI) are clearly the product of Africa’s history, and the forces and factors, which have made it what it is today. To attain complete freedom in Africa, the tasks of the ASI must be:

One, to forge, foster and consolidate the bonds of African nationhood on an African Socialist basis;

Two, to implement effectively the fundamental principle that the dominion or sovereignty over, and ownership in, the whole territory of the continent be vested exclusively and inalienably in the indigenous peoples at home and abroad;

Three, to create and maintain a United States of Africa that will serve and provide a concrete institutional form for the African nation;

Four, to establish an African socialist democratic social order, recognizing the primacy of the vital material, intellectual and spiritual interests of the individual;

Five, the ASI must find concrete expression in organizational form and substance in order that it may achieve its historic tasks.

Forward to the independent United States of Africa!

*The term Herrenvolkism comes from the German word “herrenvolk” which means “master race.”

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