The African Revolution is calling you!

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) is organizing the African masses to take back control of their communities. This includes:
  • Educating the people through outreach and actions
  • Building empowerment programs in every area where we are located
  • Launching Courts of Black Justice to put the real criminals (police, landlords, politicians) on trial
  • Organizing units in every block, projects or hood
  • Exposing the crisis of imperialism and its weaknesses
Where will this lead us? Liberated InPDUM Territories in every community where we are located!
Your sustainable membership dollars will help ensure these goals and objectives are met!
InPDUM is located in Philadelphia, San Diego, New York, Huntsville, Chicago, Oakland, Toronto and St. Petersburg, Florida, as well as in London, Stockholm and in Sierra Leone.
We are on the road to our 2014 convention in Newark, New Jersey from September 20-22. The theme is “Block by Block, City by City, Get Organized to Liberate the African Community!”
Your sustainable memberships will enable us to raise the resources needed to make our convention a success and lay out how we are going to educate and organize the masses of African people to win self-determination in our lifetime.
Membership levels
Support InPDUM's work by giving an annual donation at any level or by becoming a sustainable member and having an amount automatically withdrawn every month.
Below are the main sustainable memberships offered. For payment at any membership level go to
  • HUEY NEWTON LEVEL – $60/year or $5/month
  • ASSATA SHAKUR LEVEL – $120/ year or $10/month
  • MALCOLM X LEVEL – $250/ year or $21/month
  • HARRIET TUBMAN LEVEL – $365/ year or $31/month
  • ELLA BAKER LEVEL – $600/ year or $50/month
  • MARCUS GARVEY LIFETIME MEMBER – $1,000 one time payment or $85/month for one year
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