The African People’s Socialist Party launched Regional Conferences that began international discussion on the Political Report to the Seventh Congress!

In preparation for the African People’s Socialist Party’s Seventh Congress taking place in October 6 through 12, the Party has launched a series of regional Conferences that occurred throughout the U.S., Europe, and Africa, for members of our Party to conduct the readings, studies, and discussions of the Political Report to the Seventh Congress authored by Chairman Omali Yeshitela.

These regional Conferences are constitutionally mandated by our Party, and gives us the ability to sure up the leadership of our regions, voting on the different positions such as the regional representative, secretary, membership and recruitment coordinator, etc.

Southern Regional Representative Kobina Bantushango oversaw the Southern Regional Conference in Huntsville, Alabama, where comrades from Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina traveled to meet.

The first day of the Conference was held at the Alabama A&M University, and the second day in one of the Party’s institutions, the economic development institution for the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP), Zenzele Consignment.

At this Conference was Dr. Aisha Fields, the Director of AAPDEP, who read and lead discussions around the Political Report as well as laid out the significance of Zenzele Consignment and the need for African people in Huntsville and our Party to support its growth.

Brandee Ebert, the Secretary for the Huntsville Party Unit and now the southern region, helped to build and facilitate the Conference, going out in the streets of Huntsville with Comrades in the area and even from Atlanta, Georgia, where Comrade Nyah Akerele traveled to assist in Conference preparations.

The following weekend, July 14 and 15, the Northeast Regional Conference convened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, chaired by Northeast Regional Representative Nana Yaw.

This Conference was made up of comrades from Washington D.C., Boston, and New Jersey, and attended by Yejide Orunmilla, the President of the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO).

Conferences also took place in Paris, France on August 11, lead by Secretary General Luwezi Kinshasa of the African Socialist International.

The West Coast Regional Conference took place at the Uhuru House in Oakland, California on August 18 and 19 and was headed up by Comrade Xas Ubatu. 

The Midwest Regional Conference, also held on August 18 and 19, happened at the Uhuru House in St. Louis, Missouri and was spearheaded by Comrade Christine Wilson from Kansas City. 

Register for the Congress at!

Forward to the Party’s Seventh Congress!

Vanguard─The Advanced Detachment of the African Revolution!




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