The African People’s Socialist Party consolidated in Cape Town, Occupied Azania

This is a report on the trip taken by Party leaders, Tafarie Mugeri (national chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party of the ASI) and Asa Anpu (national secretary of the ASI). 

The African Socialist International in South Africa was initiated in 2013 with the direction and purpose being to unify the struggle of the African working class on this side of the artificial border with the rising resistance of our people everywhere and create an advanced detachment of the African working class on the ground.

CAPE TOWN—The ASI went to the Western Cape on the 3rd of October 2016, in order to consolidate our Party there and connect the struggle of the students in the University of Cape Town with the struggle of the African working class.

The purpose for consolidating our Party in Western Cape is mainly because there has been much exposure of the Party there through the African working class spreading works of the Chairman through video and literature as well as the outreach of Party leaders and friends of the Uhuru Movement.

When we landed in Cape Town, the capital city of Western Cape, we met with a comrade and friend of our Movement, Commissar Matagri who housed the Party representatives and connected us to the black working class community of Paarl as well as the struggle of University of Cape Town (UCT) students and the Fees Must Fall agenda.

Whiter power militias attempt to quell struggles

The order of business on the first day was a visit to UCT in order to get in touch with the students as there has been heavy involvement of the State by the South African regime. 

Indeed the South African militias were what we found, not only the S.A.P.S but also a private company, Vetus Schola, a white-nationalist company of militias that has strategically selected Africans from outside the border in order to quell struggles within the country and isolate African struggle. 

The ANC has been brutalizing these young courageous people who are disrupting the peace that the ANC thought it had successfully established. 

The ANC and other petty bourgeoisie stooges such as Blade Nzimande have been quoted condemning the students and the position of the Party was that if the African petty bourgeoisie and South Africa condemn anything, the Party must look positively at whatever that phenomenon is!

The ASI asks “towards what end?”

Although the students are courageous in their acts of resistance in a time where South Africa, a spawn of imperialism, is in crisis, the APSP/ ASI has raised the question of “towards what end?” should this resistance be struggling towards.

The APSP also outlined the need for students to be in organization and not limited to a temporary dissatisfaction whenever imperialism fails to deliver on what it promised! 

Chairman Omali’s 6th Congress Report best defines our message to the students: “African students must realize that their presence in the academic institutions is a result of concessions to the bloody battles of the working class for access to what was assumed to be an avenue for the advancement of our whole people, not the self-aggrandizement of a chosen few.” (Page 237)

And some students have united with the spreading of African Internationalism in their campus. 

More focus was put on gathering forces that would work to build the Local Party Organization on the ground in Western Cape, however, and this saw us with the African working class in the townships and away from the city. 

One people, one struggle

The community of Paarl is a community with a history of resistance against imperialism, being that Poqo, an armed wing of the PAC was born right there. Thus, as we walked through the streets, it was not odd to find African workers using “izwe lethu” as a greeting.

A majority of our people use the train in Western Cape, African people are in deplorable conditions even in a province known to be a tourist attraction and the reason for this is because African people are one people and thus share the same pain and struggle everywhere we go. 

The African working class and poor peasantry works in the white people’s large grape plantations (grapes being a large product from Western Cape) and factories. 

We suffer from confused national identity, with South Africa designating us as Coloured according to our accents, dialects or shade––this means our people are in need of the theory of the African working class now more than ever before! 

Revolutionary struggle is our answer

The APSP/ASI in Occupied Azania has resolved that there can be no justice for black people in South Africa because it is a regime that is born of colonialism. 

Therefore, this country cannot be reformed because it exists at the expense of the African masses for the maintenance of white power! 

South Africa will automatically be destroyed in the process of the black working class taking a vanguard role in organization, leading the struggle of the African Revolution and oppressed peoples of the world!

Let’s build the African Peoples Socialist Party of the African Socialist International, smash neocolonialism. Let’s Build to Win!

Izwe lethu i Afrika! Africa is Our Land!


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