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This fall, Burning Spear Pub­lications (BSP) is preparing to ex­pand its catalog, printing new pam­phlets on today’s African liberation strategy and reprinting popular out-of-print titles. This African-owned and operated media institution will also be introducing several publica­tions into the e-book format, mak­ing them accessible on electronic devices throughout the world.
Burning Spear Publications is the publishing arm of the African People’s Socialist Party, estab­lished to spread the philosophy of African Internationalism throughout the world. BSP prints The Burn­ing Spear newspaper, the oldest Black Power journal in continuous publication since the 1960s. It also has a catalog of books, pamphlets, DVDs, CDs and gear available for purchase at select bookstores, via mail order and online at burning­
Theory is key to winning freedom
Resistance to imperialist op­pression and aggression is growing throughout the world, but without a strong theoretical foundation and strategic direction, grounded in the ideology of African International­ism, popular movements often do not achieve the long-term transfor­mation required for the freedom of oppressed peoples.
African Internationalism clearly explains the basis for the poverty and suffering of African and all colo­nized peoples as rooted in the de­velopment of parasitic capitalism, whereby white wealth was built through the theft of African labor and natural resources.
A vision and successful strat­egy to build a world where all peo­ples can benefit from the fruits of their own land and labor can only be seen through the eyes of the revolutionary African working class in alignment with the poor peas­antry.
This is the perspective found in the materials distributed by Burn­ing Spear Publications. This is the perspective that is leading the way in revolutionary struggle throughout the world.
Where your donation will go
Burning Spear Publications has launched a campaign to raise $3,000 to expand its catalog as well as to maintain its Prisoner Spear Fund that pays postage for the monthly shipping of free copies of The Burning Spear newspaper to African prisoners locked down in concentration camps throughout the U.S.
Your donation will help to fund the printing of these powerful pub­lications:
The Right Kind of Medicine. This pamphlet contains a transcript of Chairman Omali Yeshitela’s pre­sentation at the University of the District of Columbia on December 5, 1991. It beautifully explains the main points of African International­ism, the political theory of the Afri­can People’s Socialist Party.
Pan Africanism vs African Internationalism. This important essay by African Socialist Interna­tional Secretary General Luwezi Kinshasa, written in 2009, critically examines the political theories of Pan-Africanism and African Inter­nationalism – their distinct origins and applications in the world today.
One People! One Party! One Destiny! This popular out-of-print book includes Chairman Omali Ye­shitela’s brilliant political report to the historic Fifth Congress of the Af­rican People’s Socialist Party held July 10-14, 2010 in Washington, DC. Also included are resolutions, solidarity statements and photos from the Fifth Congress.
Black Power in the Era of Barack Obama (Build and Con­solidate the Party of the African Working Class). This pamphlet contains a transcript of the presen­tation was made by Omali Yeshite­la to an audience at the S.H.A.P.E. Community Center in Houston, TX on October 18, 2009.
The African Woman on the Questions of Revolution, Power, and Rape. This new publication is a ground-breaking compilation of articles and presentations made by African women leaders of the Afri­can liberation struggle.
Other popular out-of-print pub­lications that BSP aims to reprint include “Reparations Now!”, “The Struggle for Bread, Peace, and Black Power: Political Report 1st Congress”, “The Dialectics of Black Revolution”, “Black Power since the Sixties” and “Not One Step Backward!”
Malcolm X said, “The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”
To contribute to this important project, go to blackaugust or send checks or money orders to:
Burning Spear Publications
1245 18th Ave. S.
St. Petersburg, FL 33705
Call 727-824-5700 for more information or to volunteer as a proofreader, copyediter or layout designer.


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