Still no freedom for the colonized African working class in Occupied Azania (South Africa) after voting for 22 years

OCCUPIED AZANIA––It is nearing the August 2016 election time in local municipalities of Occupied Azania (South Africa) and all neocolonial political parties in the country have begun campaigning!

From the African National Congress (ANC), the Democratic Alliance (DA), all the way to the radical sounding Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), the masses in Occupied Azania are being told what each party will do for the people.

It is a grand contest all over the country––but the question remains the same as it has since South Africa was born: what about the African working class and its interests?

Every four years, there are elections in this country and the black working class is swept into believing that neocolonial organizations in parliament can bring justice to our people. 

While the ANC is still driving the neocolonial bus with no brakes, the DA, it’s contending neocolonial counterpart which is mainly a white liberal party (but recently elected a black face, Musi Maimane), has been feeding our people a dream of positive capitalism.

A myth.

When asked about their economic outlook at Wits University, the organization spoke about minimizing corruption as a solution. Why? What is more corrupt than white power building itself a white country (South Africa) on Africans’ Continent?!

Of course, the masses must know that corruption is not from individuals but from the overall social system that requires such a relationship––capitalism, a parasitic economic system born of slavery and the theft of African human and natural resources!

The aforementioned EFF is also involved in perpetuating this false narrative, talking about upholding the South African constitution better than the ANC. The organization has been reactionary and not open to the aspirations of the African working class leading in the struggle for the unification of a socialist Africa and the destruction of parasitic capitalism and neocolonialism.

Julius Malema and the rest of the EFF have at one point or another had African masses fight against the State without arming the people even ideologically nor organizationally.

South Africa’s politic is opportunist

Thato Dlamini, a young engineer interested in working for Black Star Industries underway, once remarked that the problem with South Africa’s politic is that it chooses charismatic speakers over science and political education for the masses, thus resulting in opportunism, making blind followers of the masses.

The African working class, however, has not been inactive. There have been major strikes in places like North West, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape, Limpopo and Eastern Cape.

State property––property illegitimately claimed by the State­­––such as roads, schools, and bill-boards have been busted up and thrown across major roads or burned. The people have gotten into struggles with the State, the South African Police Services (SAPS), over the destruction of the property.

Now, the question is who makes the property that the State police shoot our people over? The people!

This is where the major contradiction must be exposed. South Africa, which functions as a white neocolonial settler State, owns and presides over the theft of labor and resources that are created by the African working class. This means African brick-layers who build these fine schools cannot even afford to put their children in them with an education that will advance the very same African mothers and fathers to attain control over their own resources!

Another major assault that the government of Occupied Azania has launched on the African community is horizontal violence (black-on-black violence). Africans in South Africa have been cutting and stabbing each other over these organizations when these organizations do not even allow a single African worker into their parliamentary proceedings, which is evidence that they do not represent the people.

The African People’s Socialist Party Occupied Azania (APSP- OA) is the only political Party that is explicitly an organization formed for the African working class leading the struggle against the neocolonial State, and for the unification of Africa under a socialist economy and the destruction of these 54 colonies (so-called countries) constructed at our expense as African people.

Any political party that does not consistently address this issue cannot out rightly challenge the systems that keep Africans dependent on Europeans and more and more on Asians.

Statistics record that between 79 to 89 percent of the population within Occupied Azania is made of Africans. This dominating numerical majority is the reason the ANC petty bourgeoisie sell-outs are able to remain in government and carelessly enrich themselves in the neglect of those who placed them there––the African mass. 

It is clear that the ANC has been misleading African people to keep them away from power and control over what we produce with our own labor.

The African People’s Socialist Party is the Party of the African people!

Recently the ANC government, through its media apparatus, has been trying to convince poor people that the main problem Occupied Azania is facing is racism.

These efforts are made to have Africans who are colonially dispossessed from their land to believe that all they need is healing of the wounds inflicted by apartheid.

The African People’s Socialist Party would never be confused about this, African people do not need healing. What we need is what we have always needed: our land that will give us bread and security. That is how the African mass will heal.

Our desire for freedom calls for a United Socialist Africa that will safeguard the interests of our people.

We know that our freedom was lost on the streets­­––ever since we met the white man––not in parliament. Thus, no solution coming out the bourgeois politic of men in thousand-rand suits could be feasible for African women and men living in these run-down shacks of Occupied Azania.

The African working class is yet to realize through struggle that we will not vote our way to freedom.

Our efforts should primarily be dedicated to organizing our communities behind the banner of the African Socialist International (the international organization of the APSP) under the slogan: “One Africa One Nation! Izwe lethu i Afrika!”.

Organize your community and crash neocolonialism and parasitic capitalism. Join the African People’s Socialist Party!


Build the African People’s Socialist Party!

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