St. Pete Kids Got Talent!

ST. PETERSBURG, FL—On January 19, 2013 the African People's Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) sponsored its first St. Pete Kids Got Talent talent show at the beautiful Akwaaba Hall.
St.Pete Kids Got Talent is a fundraiser for the APEDF Recording Studio at Akwaaba Hall, located in the Uhuru House in St. Petersburg, Florida.
This program is also designed to let the youth in our community display their talents to their friends, family and community.
We know how overwhelming the conditions of the African community can be whether it’s in the home, school or dealing with peers.
Being able to record your feelings and emotions can help you deal with all types of situations. 
The African community is hit the hardest when it comes to economic hardships.
To cope with the hardships as colonized people, we tend to lean towards music, dance, song, comedy and just the overall aspect of culture to cope with our oppression.
APEDF would like to recognize our contestants of the St. Pete Kids Got Talent show: Cheyenne Oliver, Jawania, RocStar, JCT Gospel Singers, Unforgettable and Ashanti.
We are so proud of our winners! Coming in 1st place was Antrez Smith; 2nd place, The Kandy Girls and 3rd place, the TMT Gospel Dancers.
The community helped put on a great show for our youth, some by donations, and others by volunteering to help orchestrate St. Pete Kids Got Talent.
Special thanks to our Host, Alana Howard and 1 Jaz.
We also want to thank our judges, who were Jack Fletcher, Royal Skyy, and Rebel (Rebelization Nation), who took many hours of their time to volunteer at meetings, and also gave their musical insight on how to help build the St. Pete Kids Got Talent show.
The APEDF is branching out into the community, which helped pull in youth volunteers.
We are strong believers in giving back to our community and we would like to personally thank our youth volunteers who helped make the talent show a success.
We also can't forget our guest speaker and performers Flux, Anthony Mceas, and One Take Zo performing his smash hit “Gotta Stay In School.”
Through Uhuru News and Radio, we were able to Livestream the talent show throughout our international Uhuru Movement base.
Through, APEDF received studio equipment and monetary donations online to help build our community studio. APEDF has currently linked up with a few local companies that supported the St. Pete Kids Got Talent fundraiser.
All of these business leaders have expressed interest in helping to build future events to raise money for the Akwaaba Hall Community Studio, so that our kids will have a place to hone their skills.
Our goal for the Community Studio is $10,000. This amount will allow us to obtain all the necessary equipment we need in order to get the studio up and running.
We would like to offer youth in our community the opportunity to be able to record and display their talents and gifts in a professional and family-friendly studio.
The St. Pete Kids Got Talent Show was more than just a chance for our youth to showcase their gifts.
This talent show also brought together the African community in a positive light of unity.
We appreciate the support that our community is giving, and can’t wait to experience more of these gatherings in the future.
Donate to the Akwaaba Hall Community Studio at


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