South Sudan sellout leaders sacrifice our people for personal gain

The conflict between Salva Kiir Mayardit and Riek Machar in South Sudan is not a tribal conflict as the imperialist press wants us to believe. It is an imperialist crisis.

The elections are fast approaching in South Sudan. Everyone is jockeying for position. Riek Machar has already made clear that he intends to stand as the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) candidate in the 2015 elections.

None of the African petty bourgeois candidates has an ideology that separates or distinguishes him from the other candidates.

Because of this and the fact that none of them has access to productive capital that makes them clearly identifiable as "entrepreneurs" in the bourgeois sense, tribes become an important factor.

One gets elected because of tribal support, not because one addresses the fundamental needs and aspirations of the people.

One gets power because one can control vast fields of oil, gas or any other minerals to sell to foreign imperialist, not because one wants to make oil accessible or to benefit the impoverished masses of African people.

To portray the conflict between president Salva Kiir and his former vice president as tribal conflict is disrespectful to all honest people around the world who are seeking answers to the conflict.

Salva Kiir, who became the leader of the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) after the mysterious death of John Garang in Museveni's helicopter crash in July 2005, sacked Riek Machar and the entire cabinet in July 2013.

There are rumors that Machar was becoming too powerful. There is clearly a rivalry between the two for the top sell out job of neo-colonial president of South Sudan.

When Kiir dismissed Riek Machar and the entire cabinet, it was based on the allegations that Machar was plotting a coup against him.

Machar and his supporters responded by seizing oil fields, which have a strong economical weight in the contest between the two petty bourgeois camps.

It is a political contest of who will win the power to serve foreign looters.

It is not tribal violence but imperialist violence

Tribalism obscures the deadly and genocidal role played by imperialism and the treacherous surrender of the African petty bourgeoisie to white imperialists.

While tribalism is used to whip up emotions and mobilize our suffering and impoverished people to shed our blood for the triumph of the opportunist petty bourgeois leaders who have wrapped their ambitions in tribal rhetoric whenever it suits them to hide their true objective and interest.

We know that their loyalty is primarily with imperialism. They do not give a damn about the people.

The white imperialist press has worked overnight to undermine and confuse the world opinion by intoxicating us with the assertion that it is a tribal conflict.

Machar and Kiir have no antagonistic differences. They are united to serve old and new imperialists in South Sudan. Why are they sacrificing our people for personal gain?

Taking a quick glance at Nuer and Dinka populations, one cannot fail to spot the striking resemblance and their common origin as African people. The imperialists are the other—the alien foreigners and the looters—who provide us with weapons and military training to kill each other.

The SPLA was created to make wars against Africans. It is a bourgeois institution created to settle scores between factions of the African petty bourgeoisie.

When SPLA fought against Omar Bashir, they fought another sector of the African petty bourgeois for access to resources and power. The military conflict between Kiir and Machar is a fight between two commanders of the SPLA, fighting to consolidate petty bourgeois power.

Both Kiir and Machar get along with all predators who come into South Sudan—India, China, Britain, the U.S., Malaysia and others—but they cannot get along with each other?

SPLA has long history of serving imperialism

The U.S. has been supporting the Sudanese People's Liberation Army for decades against the Sudanese army of Omar Bashir. They've used Darfur and South Sudan as an opportunity to seek the balkanization of Sudan.

In 2005, a peace accord agreement was signed between Bashir's government and the Sudanese People Liberation Movement that announced the 2011 referendum.

The U.S., EU and other parasitic capitalist countries campaigned around the clock in 2011 to achieve the secession of South Sudan from the rest of Sudan.

The split has crippled the economy of Omar Bashir's Sudan, which has lost 75 percent of its national revenue since the separation between South Sudan and Sudan.

It is in Sudan that China, before the split, obtained its largest oil import in Africa. Most of the oil is located in South Sudan, a landlocked country.

There is also a pipeline that, once built, will export oil from South Sudan to Kenya's port, making the pipeline that goes through North Sudan to the Red Sea irrelevant. Only U.S. allies will benefit from the pipeline.

On top of this split and the sharp fall of resources, Omar Bashir is under pressure by the imperialist opportunist of the International Criminal Court, a white neocolonial institution set up to get African rulers to submit to white EU will in the name of fighting against crimes against humanity.

African people in South Sudan, manipulated by U.S. white imperialist media which has specialized in disinformation and straight lies, were convinced to vote for the referendum which split Sudan into two countries.

Do Salva Kiir and Riek Machar now want to break South Sudan in more "republiquettes?"

The U.S. government in Sudan is in conquered land. They lent the South Sudan government $600 million. They have military facilities.

One might ask, why? It is bribery.

Nothing happens in this region without the involvement of Museveni from Uganda, which has been in the last two decades, the pivot from which U.S. imperialism has been able to intervene in Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan and Somalia.

South Sudan possesses vast reserves of oil with production of 250,000 barrels per day. They also have gas and other key minerals.

When put in the regional context, it is next to Congo and Central Africa Republic, two neighbors that are in the crosshairs of white imperialism.

One cannot fail to see the unfolding of the new scramble for Africa by the U.S., France, Japan, Canada, and now China, India and the rest of the emerging predators in a feeding frenzy in Africa.

The role of the workers is to reject any sort of tribal or ethnic allegiance. We are African workers first.

We need to call for unity of all African people in Sudan and throughout the region against the African petty bourgeoisie and imperialism in the region.

We are calling on all African soldiers in Sudan to unite and turn their guns on the sellout African petty bourgeois officers.

It is more urgent than ever to respond to the call of the African Socialist International to free and unite the African nation.

Join the African Socialist International!


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