South African sell-out leaders have no moral ground to condemn the U.S. for the murder of George Floyd

Another son of Africa has been slain in the ongoing military occupation of our communities by the police in the United States. From all corners of the world, the name of George Floyd signifies the sum condemnation of the U.S. government as a genocidal organization that functions through the vicious oppression and exploitation of Africans and other non-white peoples.

We find it to be ironic and hypocritical for the ANC to be murdering African people on a regular basis on African soil and then go out to speak against the murder of Brother George Floyd in the United States.

The world, and African people in particular, remember the murder of Mike

Brown, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, TyRon Lewis, Emmett Till, Jesse Washington and other ordinary Africans who were martyred just simply for being black.

These were not revolutionaries. They were not causing insurrections or even exposing the U.S. for what it is—an illegitimate, settler colonial entity that has turned itself into an empire through the exploitation and extermination of peoples.

African people in the United States are subjected to a form of foreign domination that is known as domestic colonialism. When a colonizer takes a people and imposes domination on them within the colonizing country, that is domestic colonialism.

We are the only people who did not end up in the Americas as some kind of immigrants looking for a better life. It was Europeans who captured us from Africa and turned us into slaves toiling for the development of Europe, forging a whole new world economic system based on plunder and genocide.

The recent State murder of an African by the name of George Floyd in the U.S. has, to the dismay of our colonizers, turned into a clarion call of unity to all African people across the world, reminding us that we are one people. It is our sense of sameness that makes us respond as if we are directly affected by the murder of one African person across the ocean.

Indeed, we are directly affected because we are One Africa! One Nation! The murder of one son or daughter of Africa represents the sum total of the overall condition of African people as a nation.

There is no consequence for murdering an African person with impunity today because the entire African nation is under colonial domination. We do not have our own power, Black Power, which is State power in the hands of the African working class.

Neocolonialism in Africa

African people are not free anywhere in the world. Right here in Africa, we suffer a disgraceful, pernicious condition of neocolonialism, which is white power in black face.

In South Africa, we have the African National Congress (ANC) as a neocolonial government. Neocolonial governments have historically served the same primary function as all forms of colonialism, and that is transferring our wealth to Europe and America. They murder African people in more vicious ways than we have seen in many cases during direct colonialism.

How can the ANC speak out against the murder of Floyd when there was no justice for the recent murders of Sibusiso Amos, Collins Khosa, and nine other members of our community? All of them were murdered by the South African military and police since the lock down.

Perhaps the ANC needs to be reminded that the murder of George Floyd in the U.S. in 2020 is no different from the murder of Andries Tatane in 2011 in South Africa. Nor is the heinous murder of Mido Macia, the African who was dragged by a police van.

As a matter of fact, current neocolonial president Cyril Ramaphosa is directly implicated in the massacre of 34 mine workers of Marikana. This is colonial violence.

The African Socialist International is the incipient government of the totally liberated socialist Africa under the leadership of the African working class. In the same manner that we can condemn the U.S. government for the oppression of African people there, we condemn South Africa as an illegitimate colonial State.

We are one African people fighting for the total liberation of Africa and African people. They have divided us across the world and oppress us everywhere, making it impossible under these conditions for us to be free as one African nation.

We demand the immediate withdrawal of the colonial police forces in our communities, as well as the full payment of the reparations owed by the U.S., South Africa, and the rest of the parasitic forces of the world which drain Africa of its resources. The African working class in alliance with the poor peasantry and other progressive forces must organize ourselves under the banner of African Internationalism.

We demand the right of the African working class to self-government in a totally liberated Africa that will lay the basis for the emergence of socialism in the world as the foundation of communism, whereby human beings can finally co-exists at the expense of no one.

Join the Revolution!

Build the African Socialist International!


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