Shot by police, 5-year-old Kodi speaks on the police murder of his mother, Korryn Gaines

BALTIMORE—Once again, the police and media narrative of a State-murdered African is just not true! They lie, they lie and they lie!

They lied about Mike Brown trying to take a pig’s gun when the whole community on Canfield Drive saw him with his hands up.

The lied about Eric Garner resisting as the world witnessed his lynching by chokehold.

This list goes on and on.

Now they are lying about the cameras-off gestapo-type raid on the home of Kodi and Korryn Gaines in a Baltimore, Maryland suburb.

The police and media have claimed, “negotiators made every effort to talk to the woman and encourage her to surrender peacefully. She refused and pointed the long gun at tactical officers several times. There was a clear line of sight from where the officers were staged in the hallway through the open door to where Gaines was positioned inside the apartment.”

A video has emerged of Kodi Gaines recalling the day Baltimore County Police shot and killed his 23-year-old mother, Korryn Gaines inside their home.

In the two-minute clip, the five-year-old reveals startling details about what has become yet another controversial police shooting.

Below is our translation of a video of 5-year-old Kodi Gaines made by his aunt from his hospital bed. Kodi’s account of events is clearly in direct opposition to the media-police version of events.

“The police kicked the door down…and I was hiding in the closet,” Kodi begins. He then came out of the closet with his mother.

“I was sitting next to my mother and then we were sitting out there, and then the police didn’t want us to go to our rooms,” Kodi recounts.

He goes on to say he chose to stay with his mother during the standoff—all of which was caught on camera and posted on Korryn’s Instagram account.

The most shocking details come from Kodi’s account of the actual shooting.

“My mother said back off…so the police said, “We is back up”. So then they started shooting. Then she went on the couch.” Kodi says. “And then the police just took me. She died. The end.”

Kodi is asked by his aunt in the video, “So they shot my sister?” 

“Yes,” responded Kodi.

When asked about his injuries, Kodi says, “They saw me run and they hurt my arm.” 

It is reported this video is a compilation of clips originally posted on Instagram by Korryn’s cousin. She has since made her profile private.

Initial reports of the fatal shooting did not specify whether Korryn’s son was in fact shot by police or Korryn herself. On Friday, the Baltimore county police released a statement confirming that the tactical team had in fact injured the child.

“As a result of an additional medical procedure performed today at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, Baltimore County Police believe that a round fired by a tactical officer struck Kodi Gaines, the 5-year-old who suffered non life-threatening injuries in Monday’s police-involved shooting in Randallstown,” county police reported in their public statement.

This newly-released video of Kodi’s account suggests his injuries were intentional.

From the perspective of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP), we know that Kodi’s gunshot wounds, which the media/police called non-serious, were deliberate and near fatal.

We also know from Kodi’s statement and from the cop’s “clear line of sight” that our sister Korryn Gaines was assassinated, murdered by the Baltimore County police.

How can the pigs say they did all they could for a peaceful ending when in fact there were dozens of options which could have been used to execute a traffic warrant?

Instead of executing a traffic warrant, the pigs executed Korryn Gaines and nearly executed her son, Kodi.

Coming off the Freddie Gray case where all six cops have been set free and got paid for his murder, it is clear that for Africans in the U.S. to have justice, then those who carry guns in our community must be under our control. We must demand Black Community Control of the Police!

In addition to further character assassinate Korryn, the police have tweeked their initial statements by now adding the age-old “drugs” boogey-man to the equation.

They have gone so far as to re-arrest Korryn’s roommate, 39-year old Kareem Kiean Courtney and charged him with nine felony counts in their efforts to tarnish our sister’s upstanding reputation in the community. Kareem must be set free!

Long Live Korryn!

Long Live Kodi!

Free Kareem Courtney!




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