Senegal liberalism and the betrayal of the old “left parties” in Africa

DAKAR, Senegal—It is very clear that the outcome of the presidential, legislative and local elections in Senegal reveal the political immaturity of our revolutionary movement, and the need for political education among the masses.

The old left cannot fulfill this task since it has been coalescing with the right in order to bring Abdoulaye Wade and recently Macky Sall (both proponents of economic liberalism) to power in Senegal.

It has become clear that what we call left and right in Senegal and throughout Africa are just two wings, factions of the African petty-bourgeoisie.

Just as the left and the right in the white oppressor nation (Europe, North America, Australia, Israel, etc.) are factions of the same white imperialist bourgeoisie.

There is no difference between “socialist” François Hollande’s socialist party and conservative Nicolas Sarkozy, or the British labour party and conservative party, or the democratic party and republican party.

They all seek to lead the same imperialist state.

Likewise, in Africa, candidates on the left and on the right are all against African revolution and African proletarian leadership over our own struggle for national liberation.

The old left can not assume their role in politically educating the masses since they can not criticize the liberal, neo-liberal and socio-democrat parties inside of these coalitions.

Their prime interests are to join the coalition government in order to become ministers and occupy other posts. Confusion becomes therefore the greatest enemy of our people.

Since the fall of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), the revolutionary decline of China after the death of Mao Zedong and the continuous cycles of global financial crisis, the left could not hide anymore under a banner of the revolutionary Soviet Union or China.

It has instead become liberal, neo-liberal or Keynesian instead of revising and developing their own revolutionary ideologies.

They do not reject anymore the CFA (Communauté Financière Africaine / African Financial Community) as a neocolonial monetary system of political and economic domination.

They come to talk about globilization, or an unjust system of exploitation and distribution.
The reality is that the so-called left hasn’t been revolutionary since flag independence. It was always characterised by opportunism.

Hence, there is a vacuum in the theoretical field. They do not form a part of the opposition anymore but constitute ''Parties of contribution'' like the Senegalese democratic party (PDS) of Abdoulaye Wade was for Senghor and the reactionary socio-democrats.

Their faith in the inevitability of the fall of the capitalist-imperialist system and its tendencial rate of profit has been lost. They falsely believe that these phases of recession are of a temporary nature.

By negating their old belief in historical materialism, they "suddenly" beleive in the pacifist coexistence of antagonistic classes through reforms and evolution (not revolution).
They have sold out. By doing so, they have become the lackeys of the Uncle Barack Obama and its military-industrial complex.

They also come to talk about perfecting their bourgeois democracy. That is to say democracy for a privileged minority under the protection of their bourgeois state apparatus (neocolonial army, gendarmery and police, national assembly; continental and international courts.)

They have joined the liberals in order to better exploit the people and its resources not only in Senegal but Africa in promising them a better life via liberal projects such as the New Partnership for Africa's Development via the African Union (UA). They want to build the United States of Africa under capitalism.

They promote Pan-Africanism, which represents the viewpoint of the African petty-bourgeoisie, and reject socialism under the leadership of the African working class.

Socialism means power in the hands of workers, a socio-economic system based on the collective property of the means of production and scientific planning.

Obviously they want to bury Kwame Nkrumah, Amilcar Cabral, Cheikh Anta Diop, etc.

Nevertheless, any revival of revolutionary theory must happen under the leadership of African Internationalism which will forward all strategic goals and objectives of the revolution in its coalitions and alliances.

Smash neocolonialism!
Build the African Socialist International!


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