Sell-out government of Guinea-Bissau sending African workers to their colonial grave

BISSAU (Xinhua)—As of May 7, 2020, Guinea-Bissau reported 89 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, bringing the country’s total number of confirmed cases to 564, Tumane Balde, spokesperson of the Interministerial Commission of COVID-19 Prevention and Control, announced.

“Out of the 184 tests carried out in the past 48 hours, 89 came back positive, bringing the number of cases in the country to 564,” Balde said, adding that “the number has passed the 500 mark, it is a very serious situation . . .”

The homeland of Amílcar Cabral, whose guerrilla name was Abel Djassi, was once a land of great revolutionary activity.

From the halls of academia to the guerillas in the bush, the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC) was the leading revolutionary political party during the height of the independence explosion on the continent of Africa in the 1960s. 

To look at the country today in the midst of the pandemic of the coronavirus or COVID-19, however, one can easily see that the neocolonial stooges are doing nothing to stop the virus. Unlike Djassi, these sell-outs are sending this small West African country into a colonial grave.

The absolute lack of revolutionary leadership is clear, as illustrated by urgent reports coming in from those on the ground in this country of 1.8 million people. 

For example, in the early morning of May 5, neocolonial stooges invaded the National People’s Assembly. 

The paramilitary halted the majority from convening. These are the same neocolonialists who are widely known to be infected, spreading the virus throughout the country.

The counter-revolutionaries have arrested 200-400 citizens at a time, stuffing them in overcrowded jails, thereby magnifying the rate of infections. 

Once again, this is a clear lack of revolutionary leadership. The neocolonial apparatus has not even encouraged social distancing.

This is commonly seen in open markets in Bissau City, such as the Subida di Cabana and Feira di Mindara outdoor markets where Africans are elbow-to-elbow, with no masks worn except by those who have investigated protocols themselves. That means only one out of 50 locals wears a mask.

There is irony in the neocolonialists being most infected by the virus and dying, because this is the class that is contending to continue colonialism, the cause of the virus, and kiss the feet of imperialists. It is the masses of working class Africans, however, who will suffer the most. 

The first reported death from COVID-19 was the National Police Commissioner, followed by deaths and high infection rates of people in the Ministry of Interior, National Guard, local police and secret service agency.

To further drive the nail in the coffin, the colonial apparatus does not have “one ventilator” in the national hospital, which is designated as the COVID-19 emergency treatment site. There also isn’t any oxygen, reports confirm. What must be done?

The African People’s Socialist Party predicted this, which is why we called this virus the colonialvirus from the very beginning. 

As Chairman Omali Yeshitela explained, “this is not a medical problem. It is a political problem.” The problem affecting African people in the U.S. and around the world is colonialism, the domination of a whole people by a foreign and alien state power for the economic benefit of the whole oppressor nation (white people).

Our Party has launched The People’s War campaign to fight this colonialvirus with the goal to build political and economic power in our own hands.

Our ambitious aim is the unification of African people around the world in the fight to liberate and unify Our Africa and all its stolen resources under the leadership of the African working class!

Until we have power over our lives and the ability to govern ourselves and craft our own destiny, we will never be able to fight the disease, poverty, police violence and mass imprisonment that afflict us every day wherever we are located.

Join the African People’s Socialist Party. Let’s get organized and take back what is ours. Sign up at

The Party is winning!

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