Resistance in Dallas in the aftermath of James Harper murder

DALLAS-As the police attacks on Africans and Mexicans intensify, so does the resistance—from Anaheim to Dallas.
On Tuesday July 24th, 2012, just a few days after the Anaheim police murdered a Mexican man named Manuel Diaz and opened fire on a crowd of women and children who gathered to protest, the Dallas police shot and murdered an African man, James Harper.
The police had invaded a home in the 5200 block of Barber Street in South Dallas where they terrorized and arrested three Africans.
When the pigs tried to arrest James Harper, they came face to face with the fastest growing trend among Africans and all oppressed peoples around the world: resistance. He or she who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.
As he ran for cover from the police terrorists, James Harper made the police jump over three separate fences and did his best to fend them off along the way.

One cop, named Rowden, true to his role as an agent of the colonial state, pulled out his gun and shot James dead on the streets. James Harper was unarmed.

During the same weekend, the police killed yet another African man, this time in Oak Cliff, a residential area in the southwest part of Dallas.
A cop named Leland Limbaugh stopped James Robert Husband in a routine "profiling" stop, which is one tactic police uses in its containment and counterinsurgency strategy against Africans and Mexicans.
This is exactly what happened to James Husband. The cop pulled him over, patted him down and then shot him in the back, a cold blooded execution.
It is clear that the truth about these shootings is being manipulated by the police and ruling class media.
Eyewitness testimonies that James Harper was shot in the back contradict the police report that he was shot in the hand and stomach.
Cell phone footage of the murder has been suppressed.
After the shooting of James Harper, nearly 300 Africans from the Dixon Apartment complex and other parts of Dallas marched on the police demanding justice.
Pigs attacked the crowd with pepper guns and pointed their AR-15 rifles at children.
That's when white power went to its old reliable source: They called in the preachers to "calm the situation down."
The neocolonialist leaders in Dallas such as Dewayne Caraway, a Dallas City Councilman, tried to quell the resistance in the community of Dixon Circle. “Let the officers do their work in this investigation,” he said.
What the people need to understand is that the "officers" did do their work. Their work is to keep us on the plantation as colonial subjects by any means necessary, including terroristic murder of our youth.
This is why the police were never charged in the recent murders of Tobias Mackey, James Husband, Brandon Washington, and countless other Africans and Mexicans who were killed by terrorist police.
According to Texas law, it is unlawful to shoot a suspect while they are fleeing.
African people know well that the police don't control the black community by colonialist law. They control our community by the gun.
They shoot us while we are standing still or lying on our backs handcuffed, as was the case with Oscar Grant in Oakland, California.
They murder our children while they lay sleep in their beds, like in the case of seven-year-old Aiyana Jones in Detroit.
They stomp and beat us in view of the whole world, like in the case of Rodney King.
The law consistently says that they are not guilty. Such law is colonialist law.
The neocolonial leadership does not have the African working class’s interest on its agenda.
Neocolonial means “white power in black face.” The neocolonial Dallas City Councilmen will not be going into streets demanding black community control of the police. Neither will they expose the police as a standing occupying army in the black community.
These African elected officials will never fight for economic development in the African community of South Dallas and Oak Cliff! They will only fight for economic development for themselves and their tiny clique.

Has any Dallas City councilmen ever exposed the truth about America, a country that is built on slavery and colonialism?

The US and Europe built themselves off of stealing the resources of Africa, natural and human.
The US economy today continues to thrive on stolen African resources, including the steel used to make AR-15 assault rifles and the coltan used to create computers and technology used by the police to oppress Africans who are colonized within U.S. borders.
The police are an army who represent the interests of our enemy. They are using Africa’s resources against African people. It is up to us to take back what is ours.
It is up to us, the African working people and unemployed of South Dallas and all over the world, to rise up for State power to liberate our communities.
One such organization that has this as a goal is the International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM).
We call on all the African organizations in Dallas to join with the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace, and Reparations on August 18-19, 2012 in Newark, New Jersey to address this police terrorist issue and make it a national problem there in Dallas.
InPDUM is a member organization of Black is Back.
We demand an independent investigation of Africans murdered by the police like James Harper who was murdered Tuesday.
We demand reparations for the Harper family and other Africans and Latinos who were victims of police terrorism and murder.
Join the Black is Back Coalition!
Join InPDUM!
Organize a Cop Watch program in the African community
Defend the African community
Learn Self-Defense, including weapons!
Touch One! Touch All!


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