Reparations for African People: The future for white People worldwide!

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The African People’s Socialist Party was founded by Chairman Omali Yeshitela in 1972 at the height of the brutal U.S. government counterinsurgency war against the Black Revolution of the 1960s.

The Party was formed in the wake of the assassinations of Malcolm X, Fred Hampton and so many other beloved leaders.

It was a time when African people all over the U.S. and the world were reeling from the colonial attack on their once exuberant liberation movement.

The new Party determined to solve the many problems that had been left unresolved by the U.S. government’s attack.

How would the African Revolution be able to recoup its losses and move forward to win total liberation? What about the white people and the opportunist white left?

The African People’s Socialist Party came out fighting with one goal: to “Complete the Black Revolution of the ‘60s” in theory and in practice.

The Party was (and is) uncompromisingly committed to the interests of the African working class and Chairman Omali showed that the “class question in the whole world is found inside the colonial contradiction.”

In other words the only working class on the planet is the working masses of African and other colonized peoples.

The role of white people in the fight for African liberation

All white workers, no matter how poor or exploited, sit on the pedestal of slavery, genocide and colonialism.

In fact, as Chairman Omali proves, the transformation of European serfs under feudalism to workers under capitalism came about from the assault on Africa, the kidnapping of African people, the theft of their labor, land and resources and the genocide of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas.

African Internationalism enabled the Party to know that with the proper leadership, white people could also embrace this worldview of the African working class.

The Party created a cadre formation of white people with the mission to organize the white community to the stand of solidarity with the liberation of African people under the Party’s leadership. This historic organization is the African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC).

African Internationalism scientifically helped us as white people to make sense of our history of murder, terror, rape and exploitation of African people that gave us everything we have.

We united with our own ruling class; we were patriotic citizens of the white nation and acted as its State.

Our only struggle with our rulers was to convince them to give us a greater share of the stolen loot from oppressed peoples and to grant us equal rights at the expense of African, Indigenous and colonized workers.

Historically we never sided with African people, except to use them for our benefit as the white feminist movement used Sojourner Truth to get the white women’s vote.

We have been the epitome of self-interest and opportunism, filling our bellies and pocketbooks at the expense of others.

We wrote our historical narrative as the subjects of history, relegating African people to the position of voiceless, nameless statistics without a human face.

They were the objects of history over whom the most lowly white worker or farmer had the power of life and death.

Reparations are being accomplished right now

In the early years of APSC, the Party was struggling to raise up the issue of reparations as a revolutionary demand.

During this period, the Party held the First International Tribunal on Reparations to African people and determined to make the word “reparations” a household word.

For the Party, the call for reparations was not a wishful plea or legalistic ploy. It was and is the rightful demand by African people for the return of the value of the stolen wealth of their enslaved labor that through violence and terror reaped massive wealth for capitalism, for white society everywhere.

As Chairman Omali Yeshitela wrote of the historic nature of APSC in the brilliant Political Report to the 2018 Seventh Party Congress:

“Never before has there been an organized struggle among white people of the colonizer nation under the leadership of African people within the colonizer nation itself.

“Never before has the colonizer nation had to defend itself from the demand for African reparations within its own previously sheltered and generally comfortable existence.

“For the first time in history the demand for reparations is more than a demand; it is actually being accomplished, right now, by the African working class through white people of the colonizer nation whose unity requires submission to the leadership of African people through its advanced detachment, our glorious organization, the African People’s Socialist Party.

It confirms our theory of the role of white people of the colonizer nation in the history of capitalist development and the struggle to overturn the colonial-capitalist social system.”

For us as white people organized under the leadership of the Vanguard of the African Revolution, we have learned that the call for white reparations to African people is not punitive. It is the ultimate self-criticism.

Unity through reparations involves turning over stolen resources to the African Revolution and reversing the flow of parasitic capitalism.

The concept of Reparations as a worldview

Reparations is a worldview and campaign that is only possible through joining under the direct leadership of the organized African working class in the form of the African People’s Socialist Party.

It is a way of life of action in defense of the African working class and the right of the African nation to struggle for the unification and liberation of Africa and African people everywhere.

The stand of reparations shows other white people how to be united with colonized and struggling humanity.

It shows us our place as part of the strategy to forward the national liberation struggle of African people.

Reparations teaches us to be true internationalists, giving us the electric connection to the majority of the planet; not as errant pseudo-revolutionary tourists, but as revolutionaries with a task and a mission in our own backyard inside of the belly of imperialism under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party.

Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. Check us out on Facebook. Help create a future led by the African Revolution in which all humanity can live in peace, no one at the expense of another.

Unity through Reparations!


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