Program set for conference on African women – March 21-22, Washington, D.C.

The African Internationalist Conference on African Women: Leaders of the African Revolution, Shapers of Our New Society, will be held in Washington D.C. on March 21-22, 2015 and in London, England on March 28-29, 2015.
The Conference will place the attacks on African women within the context of the struggle of the entire African nation to regain freedom and self-determination as a people by presenting speakers and workshops on unemployment, childcare, mass incarceration, female genital mutilation, reproductive rights and rape.
Conference organizer Yejide Orunmila challenges the white feminist approach saying that “There is no such thing as ‘women in general’. In many cases white feminists use the contradictions present in the oppressed communities to deepen the colonial agenda by dividing African people along gender lines.”
The Conference will highlight the vulnerability of African women under modern colonialism and what must be done to overturn these conditions.
While the main focus of this Conference is on African women, the organizers encourage everyone to attend, especially African men. Certain areas of the program are specifically designed to destroy any barriers that exist between African men and women, so that they will emerge with a clear and
unified program for action.
Important program highlights
Keynote speaker Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African Socialist International, will provide an overview of the world situation and how Africans are poised to overturn our oppression.
Mothers/Families of young African men murdered by police will feature the mothers of Carey Ball, VonDerritMyers, Jr.
The panel will be moderated by Aisha Fields, Ph.D, Director of the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project. This panel will highlight the cases of the victims of police violence focus on the families surrounding these cases and the attack on African women’s right to reproduce life.
A panel to discuss African People’s Childcare Collective as the solution to the expensive childcare available in our communities,which divests African mothers of much of our resources. 
We will focus on the issue of female genital mutilation (FGM), a discussion led by Sia Aqli, Uhuru Movement organizer in Sweden. FGM has been a hot issue taken on by various women’s groups, but until now has not been presented within the context of colonialism and imperialist domination.
The consolidation of the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO), takes up the responsibility of bringing African women into political life by working on solutions that will empower and facilitate the leadership of African women.
All workshops will propose resolutions that the newly formed ANWO will take on as part of it’sagenda.
The African People’s Socialist Party and the overall Uhuru Movement has a long history of promoting the leading role of African women in the liberation struggle. We have long said:
“Our commitment on the question of women’s role in society has always been reflected in the leadership of our Party, where women have historically been well represented and sometimes in the majority.”
African women and men should attend this conference to be empowered to take our contradictions head-on and overturn our relationship with the current social dynamics.
Registration is $50 for the general population, $30 for students. Discounts may be available to those who qualify. Contact organizers for more information.Free childcare is available for children up to age 12. 
For more information and/or to register, visit Sponsorship and business advertising opportunities are also available. 


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