Pro-Nutter judge blocks Diop Olugbala name change on ballot; people’s call-in to oppose decision

PHILADELPHIA — Philadelphia democratic party Judge James M. Lynn rejected independent mayoral candidate Diop Olugbala’s formal filing to change the name listed on the ballot from his birth name, Wali Rahman, to the name he is popularly known by, Diop Olugbala.

Judge Lynn's membership in the democratic party is a conflict of interest in this ruling, which clearly attempts to sabotage Diop’s campaign that challenges the democratic party's neocolonial incumbent mayor. Judge Lynn, the democratic party and Michael Nutter appear to have done this as an underhanded attempt to deny the people a legitimate chance to vote for Diop, a people's candidate.

We must question whether this name change sabotage is another attempt by the ruling elite of this city to maintain its monopoly of the political discussion revolving around public policy and elections. Is it an attempt to protect the policies of Stop and Frisk and curfews from the legitimate public criticisms I have been making of them thus far? Is it an attempt to cover up the clear and rampant corruption with which every sector of the city's government is infested?

Olugbala has filed a motion for reconsideration with Judge Lynn, requesting that he overturn his decision to deny the name change.

The Campaign to Elect Diop Olugbala for Mayor is calling on the community to call in to Judge Lynn's office demanding that he reconsider his decision to deny the name change. Call Judge Lynn’s office: 215-686-8330.


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