Princess Williams wins the Comrade of the Quarter Award for first quarter 2013!

Every three months, the African People's Socialist Party (APSP) recognizes our Biko Lumumba Comrade of the Quarter award winner— a comrade whose stance and performance in the struggle for the liberation of African people shines brightly as an example to others.
The Office of Economic Development and Finance had been looking for a leader for the African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF).
Princess Williams stepped boldly into the community to fill this role in an exceptional fashion, bringing all the programs and events to the people.
Princess hit the ground running in August 2012 as the APEDF St. Petersburg Program Manager and has not stopped yet.
In the first quarter of 2013, it is clear that she has truly transformed Akwaaba Hall into the dynamic cultural, social and political hub that the Party envisioned.
She has accomplished amazing things in a short time through her dedication and determination.
When you talk about a "can do” attitude, Princess Williams' picture is in a 20×30 frame size everywhere you look.
Princess built two extremely successful events this quarter in Akwaaba Hall: the St. Pete Kids Got Talent Show in January, and the Black Love Comedy Jam in March.
For both events, the Hall was filled with people from the community not only dancing, applauding performers and enjoying themselves, but also contributing to the programs of APEDF and developing a strong unity, pride and understanding of the goals of APEDF and the Uhuru Movement.
It is clear, the new tagline created for APEDF by Princess: “Friends, Family and Freedom,” rings true throughout her work.
The important relationships and a broad base of support for APEDF and APSP that Princess has built through her work are extremely valuable and necessary to build the Revolution.
With her warm, professional but welcoming personality and her distinct style and flair, she draws everyone into participation, forges relationships and builds a broad base of support for the Movement.
Princess is known throughout the music, medical and social scene where she spreads the word of APEDF from walking the community to social media outlets such as Facebook and blogging.  Because Princess knows the importance of getting the word out all over, she continues to Livestream all of APEDF’s events to let the world know about APEDF.
The response has been a success on all fronts.
This quarter, for example, she led the outreach at St. Pete College to recruit volunteers and make contacts; she built community service participation, led volunteer meetings, recruited friends, family and acquaintances from all walks of life; met with contacts to win them to use their skills and resources for APEDF, then led a team of staff and volunteers to plan and completely execute all aspects of these events.
Coming in after-hours, on weekends, with her children—whatever it took—Princess is an inspiration to all those involved.
At the same time, Princess also leads the APEDF Program team, supervising many staff and volunteers at the Uhuru House and helping build Wellness Programs such as the Kids Fit Camp and Box Aerobics classes, while doing promotions and winning participants.
She also developed the plan of action, worked on promotions and begun marketing rentals of Akwaaba Hall and the Uhuru Jiko Community Commercial Kitchen, with inquiries and rentals increasing daily.
In addition to learning all aspects of her position, HTMLs and promotional writing, she has begun training on QuickBooks accounting software to record financial data and take responsibility for budget projections and analysis.
As part of the APSP Office of Economic Development and Finance, Princess is a strong leader and has taken responsibility in so many other areas.
She participated in the Uhuru Foods & Pies national five year strategic planning conference in January; builds the International Office of Economic Development and Finance (OEDF) Africonomy Radio Show; participated on the Decor Committee for the InPDUM Convention; served on the Comrade of the Quarter/Year Committee for all of 2012; Leads the Banquet Committee for the APSP 6th Party Congress and works on the OEDF Product Sales Committee to raise funds for the Congress as well.
Taking to heart the need for resources to build the Movement, Princess helped plan and make the economic appeal at the January African People’s Solidarity Committee plenary, using her brilliant creativity to write a song “Give Just A Little More,” which inspired contributions of over $75,000!
With all of these accomplishments, Princess’ deep commitment to the African community and Uhuru Movement is clearly evident. She always brings laughter, confidence and a positive spirit, despite any personal challenges. Because of this and so much more, she absolutely deserves the recognition of Comrade of the Quarter!
Princess Williams will receive:
A $50 gift card
The Biko Lumumba Comrade of the Quarter plaque
An article in The Burning Spear newspaper
Recognition on Uhuru News and Radio, and
Recognition at an Uhuru Movement event


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