Police terror against African youth

 McKinney, TX – June is a hot summer month with an average of 90 degree weather in McKinney, Texas – ideal weather for a pool party and barbecue.

That’s what a group of young African teenagers on the Craig Ranch Community had in mind on Friday when they gathered for an afternoon of laughing, swimming, eating and basic relaxing summer time activity.

Instead, the group of Africans was brutally assaulted by McKinney police, as recorded on disturbing video that has since gone viral on social media.

The white neighbors attacked the young Africans before calling the McKinney police for “back up.”

This is a clear example of the way ordinary white people function as an extension of the white colonial State against the oppressed African community in this country.

The horror and violence inflicted by the police on Friday night was unlike anything you would ever see at a pool party in the white community.  

We demand Black Community Control of the Police!

The police terror in McKinney is further evidence that black people need to struggle for Black Community Control of the Police and black power over our own black lives.

The Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations held a national conference in St. Louis, Missouri in April of 2015, to build a movement for Black Community Control of the Police.

Africans from throughout the U.S., including the mothers and siblings of African victims of police murder, voted unanimously to adopt the BIBC’s main resolution on Black Community Control of the Police which states:

“The demand for Black Community Control of the Police is a profound criticism of the U.S. colonial white power State. It is a declaration that the oppressed cannot rely on the oppressor State to function as a disinterested institution capable of serving the interests of the oppressed African community. The demand for Black Community Control of the Police is a democratic demand that recognizes the responsibility of African people to build a movement that has the capture of black State power on the agenda.”

The African People’s Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement believe that nothing short of self-determination, self-government and black power to the African community will end the colonial terror we are forced to suffer at the hands of the occupying police forces.”

Justice for the Craig Ranch Teens!
Join InPDUM!
Demand Black Community Control of Police Now!

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