Police murder in mass down in Miami, FL

MIAMI—On May 30 (Memorial Day weekend), an estimated twelve to fourteen white Miami cops surrounded the automobile of a 22-year-old African and committed murder in mass, lynch mob style justice.

The police, as if they were on the firing range, aimed their weapons at Raymond Herisse and commenced firing simultaneously.

When they ceased shooting, more than 100 bullets had been fired into the vehicle, and they looked as if they wanted to say, “Come out with your hands up.”

Of course, our brother was dead (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXpMzT5yGp8&feature=player_embedded#at=86).

He died the same way that Oscar Grant died on the BART train platform in Oakland, California. The cops shot him in the back while lying on his stomach and handcuffed.

During the barrage of gunfire that murdered Herisse, five more innocent Africans were shot and many others, including witnesses who were terrorized, as colonial forces confiscated and smashed their cell phones.

If U.S. president Barrack Obama really had a concern for innocent civilians being murdered by a military force, then the first concern would have to be the Miami Police Department who has a long and horrendous relationship with the oppressed and exploited African community in Miami.

Just in the past 10 months, the police in Miami have murdered at least six brothers that we know of.

On August 20 of this year, the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace, and Reparations will sponsor an International Day of Action against the Other Wars.

The U.S. is waging a war against the black community who are continually being locked down in U.S. prisons and being shot down in the streets by the different U.S. national, state and local police agencies.

These police agencies serve as a colonial occupying army in our oppressed and exploited communities.

This International Day of Action will consist of protest, marches, pickets, phone ins, etc., in order to let the world know that Africans in the U.S. and throughout the world recognize this war that is being waged against us and that we are fighting back by any means necessary.



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