Police murder African mother, Korryn Gaines, and shot her child in their Baltimore home

Randallstown, MD––Baltimore County police murdered a 23-year-old African mother, Korryn Gaines, and shot her five-year-old son on August 1, 2016.

Baltimore cops showed up at Korryn’s door on Monday morning with an arrest warrant for her failing to appear at a court date for traffic violations and disorderly conduct accusations. There was also an arrest warrant for Kareem Courtney, an African male who also lived in the home, on unrelated charges.

The police, after realizing that Korryn was armed, retreated and called for back-up, after which a SWAT team arrived. After an hours-long stand-off, the SWAT team shot a round of bullets at Korryn, for which she returned the favor by shooting back with a 12-gauge licensed shotgun, which she purchased not long before she was attacked.

Korryn courageously held the SWAT team off for over four hours. During the stand-off, the police shot and injured her small child before executing Korryn.

Korryn’s Facebook account was deactivated to prevent her from reporting the military attack via video Livestream to the world.

Police claim she had the child in her arms during the exchange of fire. What is clear to us, however, is that she was defending herself and her child from a deadly military force that opened fire on them both.

Resistance on the rise

Colonial media, the police and white civilians are doing what they always do when African people are murdered by police. They demonize the victim and blame the victim for their own death.

Korryn is being criticized by the white ruling class as well as by Africans who don’t understand the colonial question, for allegedly holding her own child while in her own home.

The blame, however, lies solely on the violent occupying military force that came to execute two African people in their home.

This was a situation where a heavily-armed unit of trained soldiers was sent to descend on an African woman because of traffic violation tickets.

A military’s job is to commit genocide against Africans and other colonized peoples, and that’s what they accomplished in Korryn’s case.

This has always been the case, and Africans––African men and women––have resisted this genocide worldwide for centuries.

Now we are seeing the resurgence of black armed resistance since the military defeat of the black power movement of the 1960s.

More and more Africans are recognizing the State’s illegitimate rule over our lives for what it truly is.

We Africans should not be under the control of the police, an arm of the State. The police are in our communities to suppress and control African people through violence.

The very existence of the police in our communities is illegitimate and criminal.

Korryn saw this illegitimate force coming to her home and she fought back. Africans have the right to resist the colonial forces who keep us oppressed.

Our courageous fighters cannot stand alone. We Africans must understand that when they touch one of us, they touch all of us.

We have seen what a single African can do when they decide to resist, in the cases of Micah Xavier and Gavin (Cosmo) Long. We, however, must become organized towards gaining our liberation. Organization is the key.

We encourage all Africans to join our revolutionary organization. Join the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP). We must become organized towards overturning colonialism and all its effects, and securing freedom for every African woman, man and child.

Touch One Touch All!

Join the African People’s Socialist Party!

Charge the U.S. with genocide! Visit AfricansChargeGenocide.org! 


Freedom In Our Lifetime!


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