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Web hosting is a word comes from the internet world it is a type of internet hosting services it allows the people to upload there website data for easily to accessible to the world wide website. Now days there are so many companies which provide such services in reasonable or affordable rates. If we go in past web hosting services are so much expensive like $300 per month $200 per month but now days it becomes so cheap every one can afford it easily to lunch there site regarding to any things. Web hosts are those platforms which provide you web space, bandwidth, email accounts & so many other features these features will come in cPanel when you buy hosting. There are different services in webhosting which we are mention below:

·         Shared Hosting

·         Offshore Hosting

·         Reseller Hosting

·         VPS Hosting


There are other services too but currently we are mentioning only four which are more demanding now days. DadieHost provides you a complete webhosting package only in $4.00 per month so just relax & get hosting from in affordable rates & launch your own website.

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