Pangoyi landslide kills at least 60 in DR Congo, caused by white imperialist theft of our resources and control of our land

The African Socialist International would like the whole world to know that last week’s landslide was caused by the brutal aggression in Congo caused by imperialist companies which rob our resources.
This was not a natural phenomenon or a rare accident, but a regular occurrence that characterizes and accompanies this vicious capitalist extraction of our resources.
We condemn the neocolonial government that has sold out our people in Congo to the white imperialists, they are as guilty as the imperialists themselves. Their rescuing service took four days to get to the mining site.
We condemn the African petty bourgeoisie from Uganda and Rwanda which have imposed a proxy war on our people in the Congo as part of extraction of mineral resources in the Congo.
We condemn all forces from the African petty bourgeoisie in Congo which unite with parasitic capitalism. They are all part of the forces that prevent our people from getting organized in our own interests.
It is impossible to rob African resources and labor without murdering, without torturing, starving, maiming, lynching, and raping African people, it is historical fact.
This is our reality in the last 500 years in contact with European invaders.
This is the reality of parasitic capitalism, which is different from Ford, Apple, Renault and Microsoft capitalism. The latter kind of capitalism depends and is maintained by parasitic capitalism: the theft of our resources and partition of Africa; the dispersal and fragmentation of the African nation and the war without end on African people.
This needless death of at least 60 African miners is the result of savage foreign, imperialist corporations which control, directly or indirectly, the Congo mines.
AngloGold Ashanti and Randgold companies and others, which exploit mercilessly African workers in the Pangoyi area in the northeast of Congo, are guilty of this crime and must pay for it.
These parasitic enterprises are the ones who require free labor and free access to our resources. These same companies fund armed militias to maintain the workers in terrible living and working conditions.
This is an “accident” that could have been prevented if the starting point for the production was the development and well being of African people in the Congo.
We would not have to mourn our people today if the Belgian and U.S. imperialists did not overthrow Lumumba’s government in September of 1960, which was committed to implementing programs which put the masses of the people in the center.
We strongly denounce any voice that attacks the people as do the voices of parasitic predators who suck the blood of the people all year round.
The landslide was not caused by “illegal” African mine workers
We are not illegal, nor are our activities illegal in our own land.
It is the imperialists and their proxy armies which are illegal and foreign in the Congo, because they are not part of the people but rather oppressors of the people.
It is the capitalist parasitic economy that brings war, death and poverty that is illegal. We have all the rights to work anywhere in our own land in our own interest!
We also have the right to terminate the presence on our soil any company funded or working on assumption of unrestricted and free access to African labor and resources.
The working conditions of African workers are not on the imperialist’s list of priorities
These corporations try to blame the militia for the murder of mine workers in Congo, but what they refer to as militias are often directly parts of Ugandan or Rwandan armies posing as a rebel groups in the Congo.
Rwandan and Ugandan armies are primarily weapons of U.S. foreign policies in the region; they are in DR Congo, Sudan and Somali.
While we condemn this imperialist aggression on African workers in the Congo, we also urgently call on all African workers in the Congo to join us in our effort to build the revolutionary party of the workers and poor peasants in DR Congo.
This effort is already underway. It is a rather a question how you could join us today.
Revolution is the only solution to end parasitic capitalism and to eradicate the rule of the African petty bourgeoisie in Congo, Rwanda and Uganda.
We need one African revolution that will unite all African people against Kagame, Museveni and the Kabila regimes, which are the pillars of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM), a U.S. war strategy against Africa and African self-determination.
Build the African Peoples Socialist Party in Congo now!
Power to the workers!
Imperialist and proxy armies out of Africa!


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