Palestine’s newly UN appointed “State” status is meaningless

Don't get too excited too soon. Palestine's newly UN appointed "State" status is meaningless.
Real State power is what the U.S. and Israel imperialists have: the ability to impose extremely violent consequences on anyone who defies their authority.
It is with such State power that the U.S. assassinated Gaddafi, bombs Pakistan, occupies Afghanistan and murders Africans like Oscar Grant and Amadou Diallo.
What the UN has "granted" Palestine is a piece of paper – that has little more usefulness than the toilet paper I used this morning.
Will the “State” status enable the Palestinians to arrest Netanyahu or Obama?
Will it secure the lives of the masses of Palestinian people who face the constant threat of Israeli colonial violence?
Will it disarm the white nationalist settler colonial state of Israel and the neocolonial Uncle Tom Arab regimes in the region like Saudi Arabia or Jordan?
Even while the UN grants this "status", it makes no criticism of or takes actions against the colonial and illegitimate nature and impact of Israel’s presence in the region.
Instead, the UN is demanding that Palestine and Isreal come to a "truce."
Forget a truce! Isreal has no right to be on the Palestian people's land, period!
But what can one expect from a UN which is just as much a whore for U.S. imperialism as Israel is?
The reality is that this "status" is a response to the growing resistance of the Palestinian, Arab and Persian masses who refuse to stop fighting until they know true self-determination and freedom from white power and colonialism.
It is the fear of threat of an even more powerful resistance than what Hamas has thus far offered up, that imperialism, through the UN, has been forced to offer up a bone.
The UN, and imperialism as a whole, is not interested in appearing to be humanitarian. It is interested in undermining the capacity of the oppressed to fight back.
Just as they gave us Obama to prevent Black people from shouting “revolution!” they give the Palestinians "State status" to prevent the same thing.
The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement says forward to the Palestinian resistance!
The real victory will be won when the settler colonial Israeli state is destroyed.
All Power to the People! Real State Power to the Palestinian People!
Down with U.S. imperialism and Zionism!
One Party! One Movement!
Build the Revolutionary Mass Organization for African Liberation!


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