Pacifist Desmond Tutu calls for use of force against Mugabe’s regime

Desmond Tutu — the Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa who all of his life opposed violence to be used against the brutal apartheid regime there — is now calling for the use of military force to topple Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe. According to the December 24 issue of the Evening Standard, Tutu “said his own country was losing the moral high ground, and force should be an option to get rid of Zimbabwe’s president.”

What is striking is that this is a man who never advocated the use of violence against white settlers who even now still occupy 87 percent of the land in South Africa. Tutu is a pacifist when he is facing direct white power, but he is for violence when he is forwarding imperialism’s agenda against the African president Robert Mugabe. In fact, Tutu is silent on sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the U.S. and Britain that is the cause of poverty and suffering in Zimbabwe today.

This is typical of the African petty bourgeoisie. Whenever they are forwarding the imperialists agendas against the African workers, factions of the African bourgeoisie or against other colonized peoples, they are as violent as white power itself.

A few years ago, white rulers gave Tutu a Nobel Peace Prize. They know they can rely on him whenever they want to give their attack on Africa a black face.

The African Socialist International agrees that Mugabe’s regime is a failure, but not for the reasons advocated by Tutu and his imperialists masters. The latter two want a regime that would be personified by Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leaders, who are nothing but bootlickers of the white imperialists. Mugabe today may prefer Chinese capitalists in Zimbabwe, whilst Tutu sides with the North American and British capitalists. What the African workers and peasants should not forget is that Mugabe and Tutu do not disagree with capitalism as a system of exploitation of African workers and peasants.

Although Mugabe is correct in taking the land back in Zimbabwe, His regime is still a failure because he has not worked to unite African people worldwide into a single African nation. He has failed to fight for the removal of borders which are shackles around the lives of African people.

He has failed to create an African economy, which requires the Africa be free from imperialism and the colonial borders. Lastly, Mugabe has failed to fight neocolonialism in order to complete the black revolution in Zimbabwe and throughout Africa. He is a member of the African Union, which is one of the centers of all African leaders who stand for the status quo.

The African Socialist International is calling for One Africa! One Nation!
African workers and peasants of South Africa and Zimbabwe must unite against imperialism and the sell out African petty bourgeoisie!
The land to the peasants, the power in the hands of workers in Zimbabwe!
US and British hands off Zimbabwe!


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