One Africa! One Nation! One Party! Worldwide Tour: Field Report from Ghana

In early May of 2013, Chair­man Omali Yeshitela and Deputy Chairwoman Ona Zene’ Yeshitela landed in Accra, Ghana to con­tinue the One Africa! One Nation! One Party! Worldwide Tour.
Having traveled throughout Africa extensively, Chairman Omali has a great fondness for Ghana and its people, and most importantly, the vision for a unified socialist Africa put forth by Gha­na’s first President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.
The black star on the national flag of Ghana is directly related to the Black Star Line started by Marcus Garvey and the Univer­sal Negro Improvement Associa­tion (UNIA) in 1919. The shipping line was to transport commodities between Africans throughout the world as a way to develop an Afri­can economy.
Agents of U.S. imperialism un­der directives of J. Edgar Hoover in the early days of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) would later sabotage the Black Star Line, the UNIA, and target Marcus Garvey for imprisonment and deportation.
In this tour of Ghana, Chair­man Omali and Deputy Chair Ona did extensive on-the-ground research on the protocols of busi­ness development and financial practices in Ghana, along with surveying arable land.
Ghana has one of the most active art markets on the conti­nent of Africa. Deputy Chair Ona focused on visiting top Ghanaian artisans in their workshops and studios throughout the capital.
These studio visits were im­portant to view the wares and to solidify business relationships. The development of a contending African economy is an important aspect of African Internationalism and the work to spread it through­out the world.
Rufus Martin and Velma Nick­ens-Martin were surprised by a special visit by Chairman Omali and Deputy Chair Ona at their home in the Akosombo region of Ghana. The Martins are longtime subscribers to The Burning Spear newspaper and supporters of the Uhuru Movement who had relo­cated to Ghana.
On the day that the Chair­man and Deputy Chair visited, the Martins were finally moving into their new home. Even amidst the clutter of moving boxes, it was obvious to all that the home was beautiful and architecturally well designed.
The Martins gave a tour of their house and guesthouse. An all-African construction team us­ing local sustainable materials and construction practices built the entire project.
The Chairman also surveyed the current economic, political and cultural conditions in Ghana and Africa, as he continued to write the Political Report to the 6thCongress of the African People’s Socialist Party.
The 6thCongress will take place on December 7-11, 2013 in St. Petersburg, Florida.
During the African Liberation Day events in Washington D.C. in May and Paris, France in June, the African People’s Socialist Party unveiled the plan for Black Star Industries. The strategy of this economic institution and its forthcoming programs hold the key instrument for the develop­ment of our own independent anti-colonial economy. The work in Ghana moved that strategy a step further.


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