On rebuilding the African National Prison Organization

Robert Saleem Holbrook #BL – 5140                                                                                   
SCI – Greene
175 Progress Dr.   
Waybesyrgm PA 15370                                                                                                                                     
“The Fifth Congress must resolve to re-establish the African National Prison Organization (ANPO) or some other similar organizational vehicle that can intervene in this critical question of the mass incarceration of African people.- Chairman Yeshitela, Political Report to the Six Congress of the APSP, Incarcerated Africans must be recruited.”
Peace Brother Omowale,
Thought I’d lead this letter off with the above quotation by the Chairman to set the theme of this letter.
I sacrificed a couple of store items and decided to purchase the Chairman’s new book “An Uneasy Equilibrium” and while reading it was at once moved to respond to some of the Chairman’s agenda—specifically focusing on where I could contribute the most as an imprisoned African.
I would like to step up and volunteer my vision, heart and muscle to reestablishing the ANPO for the APSP.
While there are many organizations mobilizing against the mass incarceration of Africans and other people in the United States doing good work, I feel it is incumbent that African people and organizations, specifically revolutionary and radical ones, take the lead on this issue because it is a matter of utmost importance in our territories/neighborhoods.
Although I belong to an African grassroots organization that is at the forefront of addressing the mass incarceration of Africans from a revolutionary posture, the majority of work against mass incarceration is performed or dominated by white radical activists or mainstream liberals.
While their support is appreciated there must be an uncompromising analysis of the true purpose of mass incarceration of Africans that exposes it is a counterinsurgency campaign tied into maintaining the capitalist State that oppresses us while suppressing the reservoir of revolutionary potential of African youth in strategic urban centers of capitalist America.
If it is alright with you I would like to put together a position paper on a reconstituted ANPO for the Party or members of the Party for review.
I would address the need for ANPO, recommend a structure for members behind the walls and relationship with coordinators on the outside and discuss the anticipated difficulties and the overall potential and limitations of a reconstituted ANPO. Please let me now if you or any members of the Party would be interested.
In closing, I must ask of you a large favor. A comrade of mine was released from prison in October and is doing well on the outside. He has a cleaning job and is holding down his responsibilities to his family.
He is politically conscious and has read the Chairman’s book “Omali Yeshitela Speaks” and his “Political Report to the Sixth Congress” while we were at SCI-Coal.
The problem is he is isolated in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and doesn’t have access to Uhuru. Also, he still has to work on expressing his political intelligence.
I had a chance to speak to him on the phone once but the DOC removed his phone number from my phone list to block my communication and coordination.
It would be tremendous if you could reach out to him and give him a phone call and invite him into the discussion on the Party’s plans to reestablish the African National Prison Organization.
He is aware of who you are and a call from you would be super motivating.
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