Obama continues war on Somalia with neocolonialism and direct U.S. attacks

SOMALIA — Obama’s war on Somalia continues to intensify as the U.S. attempts to protect the weak regime it imposes in Mogadishu. On top of the tons of arms the U.S. government have given to the regime that controls only a few blocks of the capital city, Obama’s regime has used air attacks against the people of Somalia to maintain the feeble regime.

On this past Monday, six helicopters flew over a village in the Barawe district, south of Mogadishu, and launched an attack on a car said to contain anti-imperialist militants.

Al-Shabab, an organization opposed to U.S. imperialist intervention in Somalia, struck back just days later against a base of African Union forces that have served as a neocolonial force carrying out imperialist interests.

The attack resulted in a death toll of 21, including at least seven who were killed by the AU forces themselves.

Al-Shabab has also presented demands in exchange for the release of a French mercenary captured in July. Al-Shabab has demanded the immediate withdrawal of AU troops supporting the neocolonial regime in Mogadishu and French warships attacking Africans on the coast of Somalia calling them pirates after they’ve attempted to intervene with European companies overfishing and dumping toxic waste into the waters there.

According to an al-Jazeera report, the war that Obama has taken on as his own has killed more than 18,000 civilians — not including those the imperialists have called “combatants” — and left another 1.5 million homeless since 2007.

U.S. military intervention and destabilization in Somalia has been an ongoing situation for decades following the discovery of a “valley of oil” underneath Somalia.


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