Oakland Freedom Summer Project kicks off!

Uhuru! Yesterday was the first day of the long anticipated Oakland Freedom Summer Project (OFSP) 2012.

The day began at 6am sharp with physical training. We lifted weights in the Uhuru House, working the upper body.

Because it was the first day, there was a powerful overview of the history and significance of the OFSP given by Gaida Kambon, Secretary General of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) and chair of the OFSP. The orientation was attended by members and supporters of the Uhuru Movement from locations as far as Philadelphia, PA and San Diego, CA.

Also on today, I conducted an interview with Oakland based journalist Davey D about the Summer Project, the upcoming Black Community Convention and the escalating violence being waged against the African population by U.S. police forces throughout the country. (to listen click here: http://uhurusummerproject.org/Diop-DaveyD-070912.mp3.mp3)

In addition to the existing registrants, a number of Africans signed up to participate in the Summer Project today. Among those new volunteers was a college student from Los Angeles and a young mother whose child will be participating in the Biko Lumumba Free Lunch Program.

The preparation work for the renovation of the Uhuru House began today as well. Under the leadership of Pete Yaroschuk, we were able to get a company to donate a scissor lift to the OFSP, which will be used for numerous construction tasks. We also brought the newly acquired donations into the building, laying them out for usage during the renovations. These donations included everything from lumber to tools.

The groundwork has been done. The foundation has been laid. The stage has been set. Now it is time for action! 

Long live the Oakland Freedom Summer Project!

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