Neocolonial military police murder fifteen African men in one weekend in Brazil

Salvador Bahia, BRAZIL—Brazil’s military police murder 12 unarmed African men, execution style, on January 6.

The police invaded the community and opened fire on residents. Twenty-four African boys were rounded up, tortured, and shot. Twelve of them died.

The neocolonial police claim that they were returning fire, but according to residents, the men had surrendered and were unarmed.

The boys who were executed had signs of torture––broken arms, sunken eyes, and they were shot in the back.

The very next day, after being profiled by the same pigs, three other African men were harassed and ordered to strip in the street so that the police didn’t have to do the work of frisking them. They were then murdered in cold blood.

These young men were known for protecting the working class Africans in the community from the police.

The relatives of the three young men murdered reported that the police always threaten people in the community.

“They are putting fear [in us], confronting us with weapons. The boys protected us. We have fear of the police,” said a woman who has lived in the neighborhood for 59 years.

As if it wasn’t bad enough, the police even threatened the families the day of the burial for six of the slain African young men.

Military pigs in plain clothes showed up at the burial site and pointed their weapons at the funeral attendees as the families mourned their loved ones.

Nathaniel de Jesus Costa, 17 years old, was amongst the 12 who were executed. He was one of the youngest executed. 

“It’s an injustice. They have to pay. It’s all lies what they are saying,” said Nathaniel’s aunt.

She, along with others in the neighborhood, maintain that the confrontation alleged by the police didn’t happen and they are demanding that someone be held responsible.

Africans must overturn colonialism to stop police murders

The military police force’s Internal Affairs will “look into” the case to make a decision as to whether the pigs acted “within their legal rights.”

It is foolish to expect criminals to try themselves.

The only true solution for African people is to struggle for self-determination and overturn the neocolonial and colonial systems that keeps us oppressed.

As long as Africans worldwide are neocolonial subjects within colonially-drawn borders, we will continue to see reports of African men, women and children being murdered by the arm of the State––the police.

We Africans must destroy colonialism and imperialism in order for our African brothers and sisters across the earth to truly be free.

Africans experience genocide at the hands of the government wherever we are in the world as police murder Africans in cold blood in Ohio, New York, Haiti, the UK and Occupied Azania (South Africa).

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) has created  the Africans Charge Genocide campaign to charge the United States with genocide against African people in the states.

This is one of the initial steps in achieving a worldwide African liberation, as the petition will put on the UN’s worldwide platform all the genocidal crimes that imperialists and colonialists have committed against the worldwide African nation.

Go to to read, sign and share the petition!

Africans Charge Genocide!




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