Myth of a prosperous black Atlanta exposed in a cry for housing

ATLANTA—For three days, from August 9 to 11, more than thirty thousand Africans suffered through nearly 100 degree scorching hot weather, many of them passing out from heat exhaustion, just to get an application for government subsidized housing.

They came not to get a house, but to get an application to be put on a waiting list, which will take years, if ever, for housing to be granted to them and their children.

The thousands of Africans, hands stretched, reaching for applications, speaks volumes to the current terrible conditions of existence of our people in Atlanta, Georgia, the so-called Promised Land for African people in the U.S.

These tens of thousands of Africans in Atlanta, Georgia are also speaking to the hopelessness for a better life in the future here in America, free from dependency on welfare, food stamps and government subsidized housing; characterized by homelessness, along with rampant police violence and murder and mass imprisonment of our people.

This is what the system offers us. Why else would we stand in line, in the blistering heat for applications for non-existent housing, housing availability that the government already said was zero.

It is uncategorically saying that we have “NO CONFIDENCE” in this system to provide jobs, or economic development to our community, so that we can live in dignity, a birthright for all of humanity.

But this situation in Atlanta is not peculiar to Atlanta. While African people in Atlanta, mostly women, were attempting to solve their housing crisis through government handouts, so were African people in France trying to solve the same problem through white power government handouts, only to have the French police dragging them and their babies through the streets of Paris.

Look at us in Mogadishu, Somalia in refugee camps, in Houston, Texas in Salvation Army shelters, in squatter camps in Johannesburg, South Africa. These exact conditions exists wherever our people are.

We are colonized through direct colonialism and neocolonialism all over the globe.

This universal African problem will have to have a universal African solution. That solution lies in organization. The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) and the African Socialist International (ASI) are the organizations that are designed to solve the problems of African people whereever we exist on the planet.  

We have growing organizations such as the All African People's Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) and The African People's Education & Defense Fund (APEDF) that address our practical needs, such as economic development, health and education.

Self-determination is a must for our people.

The white population reaps the benefits from our stolen black labor. We are due reparations, not subsidized charity that attempts to demoralize our community.  

We demand that all white people – the ruling class and working class – return, in the form of reparations, that which has been stolen.

We are the people who built the United States, France and the whole capitalist economy, and, as a result, we don’t even have a house to live in, while Donald Trump and his ilk have millions of houses, hundreds of thousands of them empty.

Many of these houses were stolen from us through the subprime mortgage con game they played on our people.  

Empty houses and homeless people should go together. This is the movement that must be built, not begging the government for something they are both unwilling and unable to do.

In Paris, in Brussels, in Trenchtown, Jamaica, in Haiti, we must build the Uhuru Movement and the ASI and demand reparations and social justice, so as to guarantee ourselves and our children a life on a planet where knowledge flourishes, and Africa’s resources are in the hands of the African working class, the only class capable of leading this revolutionary transformation.




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