Mustafa Bearfield Jr. murdered by white vigilante in Huntsville, AL

ALABAMA––Mustafa Bearfield Jr., a 16-year-old teenager living in Huntsville, AL was on his way to school on June 21, 2016 when he was gunned down and murdered by white vigilante, Jonathan Scott only seconds away from his destination. 

As Mustafa came within a half block of his school, Jonathan Scott pulled a gun on him. Mustafa, afraid for his life, started to run away from Scott, attempting to make it to the school. 

Scott, determined to take the life of an African, chased Mustafa and opened fire as other students were also arriving. 

Scott only stopped firing his weapon when he ran out of ammunition. Mustafa was shot  several times. The fatal bullet was to the back of young Mustafa’s head. This was murder.

Mustafa’s murder is reminiscent of the murders of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and countless other African youth. 

The police was called to the scene of the murder and Scott was arrested and charged with manslaughter. 

The white ruling class media, in typical fashion, began to criminalize Mustafa and falsely reporting that he burglarized a delivery truck. 

On-the-ground, organizers of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) immediately dismissed this narrative with a powerful statement: “You cannot put a dead child on trial.” 

Jonathan Scott callously murdered an unarmed child running away from him. This is not a new phenomenon for Africans as we have been hunted and murdered by the colonizer for 600 years. 

Justice for Mustafa Campaign

The State charged Scott with manslaughter for murdering an African boy and released him on a $20,000 bond. Scott, within the week, returned back to work as an independent route salesman for Flowers Bakery in Huntsville, AL.

Members of the local InPDUM branch attended Mustafa’s funeral. Beautiful Rose, who became a leader in the Justice for Mustafa Committee, organized a vigil for Mustafa shortly after his death. 

InPDUM called a meeting with Mustafa’s mother Shemica Williams, his family and friends to organize the Justice for Mustafa Committee (JMC). JMC organized a campaign where we made the following demands: 

1. Jonathan Scott be indicted on one count of murder for the death of Mustafa Bearfield.
2. Reparations to the family of Mustafa Bearfield.
3. Transparent investigation and process dealing with case.
4. Black Community Control of the police.
The Justice for Mustafa Campaign boldly changed the narrative by flooding the black community with leaflets and other propaganda to tell the true story. A “wanted for murder” poster of Jonathan Scott was produced, which people throughout the community began to hang in their windows.

The State attacks the Justice for Mustafa

As we organized and politicized the community with our campaign, the office of the chief of police pressured the local Boys and Girls Club where the committee initially held its meetings and demanded that they shut the doors to us. 

Clearly, our political campaign was pushing the oppressive State on its heels while we politically influenced the black community. The State no longer had a monopoly on the narrative on the case of the white vigilante Scott..  

The Justice for Mustafa campaign organized a press conference and a demonstration for the preliminary hearing for Jonathan Scott in the death of Mustafa Bearfield.  Pastor Byrd of First Oakwood University Seventh Day Adventist Church andKobina Bantushango of the InPDUM made a press statement illuminating the narrative that Scott murdered an unarmed teenager on his way to school. 

A day after the press conference aired, Scott’s Attorney waived the right to the preliminary hearing. This is a victory for the Justice for Mustafa campaign, led by InPDUM. 

The campaign is fighting to organize the African masses by conducting intense outreach and demonstrations. 

There is a lot to be done leading up to the grand jury. There will be no peace without justice. 

If you are in the Huntsville, AL area and would like to become a part of the InPDUM or get more information about the Justice for Mustafa campaign, contact the Huntsville, AL local InPDUM at 256-294-1775. 

Justice for Mustafa!
Not 1 more African Child!
Touch 1 Touch All!
We Are Winning!!!



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