Murder charges dismissed against Crystal Scott who killed white man in Texas

HOUSTON—On Monday, June 29, 2015, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office announced they were dropping all charges against twenty-five-year-old African mother Crystal Scott for the self-defense killing of Jonathan Ables which happened in September 2012.

The District Attorney’s Office only said that they did not have enough evidence for a conviction and therefore would not go forward with the case. But they knew this in February 2013 when they bowed to right wing pressure and issued the indictment.

Scott had shot Ables on September 12, 2012 as he tried to break into her car following a minor traffic accident, and the case lay dormant for more than five months.

It was then that the District Attorney filed murder charges as a response to white people putting together a petition demanding an indictment based in part that “if George Zimmerman could be indicted down in Florida for killing Trayvon Martin then Scott should be indicted, also.”

The Burning Spear newspaper and initially broke this story in March 2013. The story brought out an outpouring of support for Crystal which challenged the racial/politically charged indictment and brought the case to public attention. See story

But as white power had just won a victory in the Trayvon Martin case, Harris County also went forward with its illegal colonialist indictment.

Of course in February 2013 when the indictment came down, Mike Brown had not been murdered and the African community in Ferguson, Missouri had not set the templet for struggle against our colonizers.

We fight; we win!

The August 9, 2014 police murder of Mike Brown and the subsequent African resistance throughout the U.S. obviously weighed in on the decision to dismiss all charges against Scott which should have never been brought in the first place.

Hopefully, now some of the burden of an indictment of murder charges have been lifted off of Crystal’s shoulders, and she can get back to concentrating on taking care of her family. And hopefully, Crystal will join this great movement to free African people from U.S. colonial domination once and forever.

We applaud Crystal, the people and her attorneys for this great victory. Let’s win many, many, more.
Uhuru means freedom!

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