Long Live Nicola! InPDUM Salutes the Life and Legacy of Comrade Nicola

“Nicola was so dedicated. She’s going to live on through all of us, who knew her, who love her and were able to share memories with her. She transitioned as a dedicated mother and revolutionary on Saturday, April 4, 2020, fighting for our people & I’m sure she wouldn’t have wanted to transition any other way.”

Ikemba Bomani-Ojore

Nicola was born in Guyana and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. She was a graduate of Medgar Evers College, receiving her B.A. in Liberal Studies in 2008.

She was the co-founder of the AKERELE Leadership Program, a Saturday school that was centered on developing an African consciousness in African youth. Nicola coordinated various activities for the youth. She also was one of the lead organizers for fundraising for AKERELE.

Nicola was also the co-founder of the Afrikan Diaspora Empowerment Festival (formerly the Sankofa Culture and Arts Festival), a festival designed to organize vendors and the community with the purpose of creating an independent African economy.

Our Comrade Nicola became an organizer and member of InPDUM in 2019 and at the African People’s Socialist Party’s Plenary in February 2020 she decided to join the African People’s Socialist Party.

Nicola was dedicated to the liberation of African people; her love and passion for her people was always exhibited in the way she carried out the work.

She believed in the leadership of the Uhuru Movement and there was nothing she enjoyed more than seeing real black empowerment.

Nicola Presente! Salutes from comrades who knew her best

“On September 25th, 2019 I attended my first InPDUM Meeting in Brooklyn, NY. I was introduced to the Movement by a dear friend of mine, Auset Shakur. I wasn’t sure what I’d see or hear but I’ve always trusted Auset’s judgment. Needless to say I was enlightened and filled with so much joy while attending the meeting.

I remember Auset passing the mic to sister Nicola who was responsible for keeping the meeting in motion. Her greeting to me was warm and inviting yet at the same time you could tell that she was about her business and very professional.

Later, I was invited to the ‘Buy Black Power African Bazaar,’ which would be followed by ‘FREE DA MIC,’ an open mic and showcase where artists could express themselves.

I remember being greeted with love by our beautiful sister Nicola. She would hug me and give me encouraging words. I remember specifically her complimenting on my New York attire that I was wearing for the first FREE DA MIC I attended.

I remember her smiling and saying, “Ok New York, we got the Timbs!” Her attention to detail made me so glad because I had worn that outfit with that intention.

Her bright smile and beautiful spirit really spoke volumes and filled my heart with such gratitude. Not because she noticed my exterior but although she had only known me for a short period I felt her graciously welcoming me into her life.

Because she was a part of a movement such as InPDUM, I know that she was dedicated to the rising up of her people plagued by colonialism and oppression.

I know that it was of much importance to her that her people be lifted up and organized to fight a system that was made to destroy us.

In my brief time of knowing her, she wanted to make a difference in our communities and change lives with love but also with discipline.

I’m so glad I was able to share those happy moments with our sister. With a heart filled with gratitude and love I want to wish our sister a clear transition into her new dimension where she can lead us all with angelic information on the ancestral plane.”


“You could tell her love for the people, it was obvious. In the little time I got to know her, to see her grow, to conquer the obstacles that were in her mind, and to see her take a higher step was a beautiful thing to watch.”


“I’m shocked, in disbelief of the news that I had to hear… I helped train her as Secretary for the Office of Economic Development.

We both answered the call to join the (African People’s Socialist) Party at the Plenary at the same time. She had so much gratitude and love for the Party and for African people. She said she was tired of seeing her people hurting and she was tired of crying, that’s why she joined the Party. Uhuru.”


“I felt her beautiful spirit and I released in pain and in shock (when I was told about her passing). It affected me. I had to, right away, tell my children because I remember how beautifully she announced them. One of the last pictures I have of her is her taking pictures with me and my children…

I had to go back and look at the last text message; we just had a correspondence with her. She was concerned and asking me if my family was doing ok and gave us the reassurance she was doing ok. My heart is hurt…”


“When I got the word from Comrade Ikemba that Nicola transitioned, I was dumbstruck. I felt immobilized. Answering the call around Nicola’s passing and how we’re going to move as an organization in New York City has mobilized me again.

Nicola’s dedication to the liberation of our people was clear. With a gigantic, room lighting smile; she overcame many obstacles to take on the task of leadership. Long Live Comrade Nicola!”


“When I first met Nicola, I was walking into an InPDUM meeting for the first time and her warm smile and ‘the future is female’ shirt greeted me. She was the only sister in the meeting and I remember being engulfed with excitement as she spoke—you could hear her passion and see a piercing focus in her eyes. I felt at home.

Each encounter after was the same. I was struggling through thick emotions at the time; being oppressed, being frustrated, feeling almost hopeless at times, but each time I went to a meeting she embraced me with a love that is certain to liberate Africa. I never met anyone like Nicola, who had so much faith and love in African people.

Every word that she spoke uplifted the nation… Uplifted me. She showed me the power in accepting your weaknesses, not to surrender to them aimlessly; but to conquer them and to return to your power. Nicola had a dedication that we all as revolutionaries and as Africans can emulate.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share time and space with her. To fight alongside her. To utter UHURU with her! Long live Nicola!”

InPDUM NYC President Auset Shakur

“She was only in the movement for a short period but in that time it seemed like she was around forever… Her impact, her influence, her enormous smile, energy and commitment.

Nicola was always about African people, expressing it, working to build, to protect and to share. She was like a veteran member, loving and caring.

It is devastating, it’s shocking but this happens 24/7 to African people under colonialism and capitalism everyday all across the world. Africans are dying prematurely because we are colonized and don’t have power over our lives.

Without power we lose people. We can’t live without power. We can’t be healthy. We can’t have long lives. We can’t have dreams and aspirations of our children without power, to realize it.

We are associated with one of Africa’s greatest organizations: The African People’s Socialist Party.

Our leader, Chairman Omali Yeshitela, the whole Central Committee who right now are our government and is addressing this colonial virus at the same time dealing with the ultimate problem of colonialism; are teaching us how to fight, how to organize, even in our sorrow, even in our state of devastation because we lost a great Comrade.

We have to move on in her spirit and the spirit of all those who have fallen before her to make this damn revolution.

For her children and her family, for us, the whole African nation. This pushes us forward to complete the black revolution to free all of our people so that all of our people can have longevity, prosperity and happiness. That’s what we’re fighting for. That’s what we are organizing for.

Long live the memory and the spirit of Comrade Nicola, our Comrade President Kalambyi’s father and all the Africans known and unknown who died under colonial pressure. We will remember them the best way by doing this work. I’m committed. I know our Comrades here are committed to roll up our sleeves and double the work we have been doing to make sure we accomplish that goal. One Africa. One Nation. Uhuru.”

Oronde Shakur

Long Live Comrade Nicola!

Defeat Colonial Virus!

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