Letter to the Editor: Antoine Williams, African in Prison

“For Our Liberation, Knowledge, and Salvation.

By all means necessary.

The fight for equality continues.”

This is the quote that Antoine Williams, an African man living as a captive inside the walls of a U.S. concentration camp, began his letter with, sent to the Editor-in-Chief of The Burning Spear. The following article was written by Antoine and reads:

On the date of October 12th, 2017 at Pasquotank Correctional Institution, an incident occurred within the belly of the beast, one that rattled and shook the entire state of North Carolina department of corrections to its very core.

Four inmates allegedly set fire to the sewing plant and in an attempt to escape from captivity, killed two guards and seriously wounded two others, leaving them in critical condition.

One of the inmates was brutally beaten in retaliation by prison guards and sent to ICU. Seven other inmates suffered non-life threatening injuries from the fire.

The media, which is one of the oppressor’s most sufficient tools for spinning tales, demoralizes strong individuals and portrays righteous individuals as terrorists or black political parties as terrorist organizations, thus neutralizing them by turning the masses against them─divide and conquer.

In this war that has been secretly waged on people of color, minorities and the entire lower class whose slave labor helps the rich get richer and enables them to maintain being poor at the most.

In The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, it tells you “destroy an enemy’s image and you destroy their following.” These very age old tactics are being utilized and employed against us to this day by the government and powers that be!

While what happened, no doubt, will be classified as a senseless act of violence, I argue that it was an attempt for one to escape the modern day plantation; one of the most oppressive environments in the world.

From a woke brother of the struggle’s perspective, who has been in the belly of the beast in North Carolina for almost nine years, allow me to shed some light on what’s going on behind the gun towers down here that justify the actions taken by the Comrades and others.

It exposes that they are provoked and [their actions] probably could be viewed as reactions and recoil from the systematic slavery, racial injustices, unlawful persecution and prosecution of blacks, other minorities and some lower class whites.

We are often subjected to verbal and physical abuse. Our food is spat in or poisoned. A lot of camps down here are forced to drink from a tainted water supply that causes short and long term health issues.

Mental health inmates are put in danger by being housed with regular inmates when most of them belong in a hospital or somewhere they can receive treatment.

Antoine continues to list the various ways that the prison staff brutalizes and terrorizes the Africans locked up until this point:

This only scratches the surface of the injustices. And if we are raised that “two wrongs don’t make a right,” then how can one be punished by the system and be wrong if the ones the system gives power and authority to govern us do wrong unchallenged, unchecked?

It’s physical and psychological warfare many of us are subjected to (especially those  of us who oppose the oppressor openly, refuse to submit to these conditions and refuse to succumb to being a puppet).

He says:

A man can only take so much of the unlawful inhumane treatment. Where there is smoke you shall see fire.

Tears turn into frustration, which converts to anger and evolves to action, manifesting a revolution, an uprising!

So before society criticizes any of the inmates who played a part in the attempted escape, or try to condemn them for their actions, learn the cause that triggered the effects and condemn the oppressor who provoked such actions, directly or indirectly through the manipulation of law, policy, and procedure.

Until justice becomes more that “just-us” the strong will continue to stand and fight tooth and nail to keep The Spear burning and hope alive.

No sacrifice is too great and no action is too extreme when our liberation, existence, wellbeing as a people, our freedom and our peace of mind are at stake.

For all those who understand the strong struggle, show me some love so we can continue to further our cause and awaken the masses. United we stand to succeed. Divided we shall fall, fail and perish.

We salute our African brothers and sisters reading The Spear in these prisons!

The Revolution Lies Behind Those Walls!

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