Kony 2012 video: a cover for U.S. imperialist theft of African resources

The video to facilitate Obama’s aggressive pursuit of AFRICOM‘s objective to dominate Africa

On March 5, a video titled “Kony 2012” was released on the internet by an organization called Invisible Children that has since gone viral functioning as a major piece of propaganda for the U.S. government and it’s agencies operating in Africa.

The video mobilizes popular support for military intervention by U.S. president Barack Obama and the genocidal U.S. army anywhere in Central Africa, from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to Central African Republic (CAR) to Sudan and Uganda.

This video was preceded by the “Lord's Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act 2009” that was voted for in the U.S. congress as well as by Obama’s order last October to deploy about 100 U.S. Special Forces to capture or kill Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, and his commanders.

It’s a lynch mob video to kill Kony. It is art in the service of AFRICOM, the agency of U.S. military control of Africa.

This extract from a bourgeois liberal newspaper sums up the goals of AFRICOM in Africa: “However, in several meetings, briefings, and statements, high-level officials have said that AFRICOM has three main goals: (1) to counter terrorism on African soil as part of the Global War on Terror; (2) to protect oil resources, recognizing that the U.S. currently purchases approximately 24 percent of its oil from Africa, and (3) to counter China’s growing economic investment on the continent.”

These white filmmakers are just another version of Tarzan. They fall into the pack that includes religious missionaries, Angelina Jolie, Bono, Bob Geldof, Madonna and other white nationalist who use their profession, art, music, video, etc. to obscure the colonial relationship that exists between the oppressed African nation and the oppressor Euro/American nation.

There is no genuine friendship between oppressed nation and oppressor nation.

There is no genuine friendship between Jacob, the African boy in Uganda in the film, and the filmmakers, who sit on 500 years of our stolen resources while Jacob suffers from the consequence of the loss of 500 years of stolen African resources and labor.

This video shows us Hitler, but it cannot show us Leopold II, who imposed the genocide of millions of Africans in the Congo, or the hundred years of lynching in the US. They cannot even show us what the U.S. army has just done in Iraq.

There should be no doubt on the nature of African states — Uganda or any other state — that unite with AFRICOM‘s goals. They would become AFRICOM states: a repressive apparatus to primarily forward the interests of the US ruling class.

Uganda is in pole position as an AFRICOM state in Africa.Obama was quoted in an October 14, 2011 Financial Times article summing up this assault on Africa as “in the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States… The deployment was consistent with the War Powers Act.”

This white nationalist video calls for an army of peace, which the U.S. army is not

The intervention of the U.S. government in Africa, or in Uganda specifically, does not begin with this video made by the white nationalist of the “Invisible Children” organization.In fact, there’s a long record of U.S. military aggression in Africa, both directly and through its neocolonial puppets.

In 1991, the U.S. backed and trained the Ugandan invasion of Rwanda, which put Paul Kagame into power in Kigali in 1994. Kagame and most of his commanders were part of the Ugandan army that came to power in Uganda in January 1986.

When Uganda and Rwandan armies invaded Congo to topple Mobutu Sese Seko, there were reports that they were accompanied by U.S. troops.

In 2008, there was a joint military assault in Uganda called Operation Lightning Thunder that included forces from Uganda, Sudan and Congo with the aim to destroy Kony and failed. It was later revealed that this operation was also carried out with the collaboration of U.S. forces.

In addition, the U.S.-led NATO force just murdered Libyan leader Muammar Ghaddafi last year.

The video about Kony and his LRA has gone viral because U.S. imperialism wants you to know about it, and they want you to accept their explanation and to unite with their objectives in Africa.

This video just gives Obama a worldwide cover that he needs to forward the U.S. imperialists predatory goals in Africa.

To speak of bringing peace while at the same time inviting the U.S. army is a contradiction in terms. There is no place anywhere the U.S. army has brought peace in the world.

The U.S. army was created as a colonial army murdering indigenous people of America and African people in the U.S.

To call for the arrest of Joseph Kony without calling for the arrest of imperialist leaders who are responsible for all the proxy wars in Africa is a crime. For anyone from the oppressor nation to not first call for white imperialist rulers to stand trial for over 500 years of crime against Africa and African people is criminal.

Look at the Rwandan genocide! One million killed as a result of U.S. and French vicious proxy wars through the use of the Hutu and Tutsi.

Bill Clinton and other U.S. rulers should be arrested for that genocide. He funded the Tutsi army of Kagame. French rulers should be put on trial too, because Mitterrand — who is now deceased — and Balladur were respectively president and prime minister of France as France funded the Hutu army.

This video has attempted to define the role of white people in a way that obscures the responsibility of the oppressor nation in the genocide in Africa. For this video, the face of genocide, the face of the oppressor of Africa is Joseph Kony, not NATO’s generals who just bombed Libya and murdered Ghaddafi. For them, the face of oppression is not the U.S. generals who are sending drones to kill and maim Africans in Somalia.

Who is Joseph Kony?

The imperialist press tells us that Joseph Kony is a self-styled Christian and military petty leader who uses the Ten Commandments and other metaphysical ideas and practices to mobilize a fraction of African people in Northern Uganda against the neocolonial president Yoweri Museveni’s rule.

He has no political program! It is a movement built along ethnic lines, mainly amongst the Acholi people who believed that Museveni came to power at the expense of the interests of the Acholi people.

We do know that he wants neocolonial power. He wants the same thing as Museveni, Kagame, Fodeh Sankoh, Joseph Kabila, Omar al-Bashir, Thabo Mbeki, Mobutu and others negro leaders.

We can say that because they all have two things in common: they release all their frustration and passion on impoverished and defenseless African people, and they never ever call for the death of imperialist and their oppressor nations.

Joseph Kony is a petty bourgeois response to one hundred years of colonial rule and neocolonial rule in Uganda. British rulers used African people in Northern Uganda as a source of cheap labor and recruitment for soldiers to fight, kill and die for British rulers. This is the way the British introduced colonial violence — as the function of the army in Uganda.

It is this colonial violence that the bourgeois press around the world press refers to as mindless or senseless violence today. But it was not mindless and senseless when the Africans in Northern Uganda were drafted to become policemen in Kenya or when they were used to put down the Mau Mau struggle for Kenya independence from British rule!

It is fair to assume that Kony did not only borrow Christianity from the imperialists, but his conception on the role of the army would have been modeled from the colonial army, inherited from the British as a tool for repression and mindless violence against the poor.

Colonial violence is something that is designed and applied against African people and other oppressed people.

The African petty bourgeoisie is more than willingly to engage in violence against the people to achieve power for itself in agreement and peace with imperialism. Kony, like any other petty bourgeois force, was looking for his share of neocolonial power. His violence is a reactionary violence just like Museveni’s violence. They are all aimed against the people.

It is said that Kony learned his ruthless methods from Museveni’s brutal repression, from whom — according to some commentaries — he learned to abduct children for war purposes.  Abduction of African children is something that was introduced by the European-initiated enslavement of Africa and of African people. But it is true to say that Museveni, Kagame, and Kabila came to power with the use of child soldiers, and they were all backed by the U.S. and UK governments.

What is the basis of conflict between Kony and the U.S. government?

By the name of his organization, Kony regards himself as a Christian, but it is quite clear that he is not being attacked because of his religion of Christianity. He is not Osama bin Laden, who claimed to fight the U.S. in the name of Islam. Indeed, Islam represents a unifying ideology for millions of impoverished Muslims against U.S.-led white imperialism, but that is not the case for Christianity in Africa or the African world.

Kony enjoys the support of Omar al-Bashir, the Muslim president of Sudan who does not himself enjoy the support of the U.S. political regime.

Both Kony and al-Bashir have been indicted for war crimes and crime against humanity by the imperialists of the International Criminal Court. Al-Bashir is an ally of China, and his support for Kony has been essential for the long duration of Kony’s activities in the region.

The Sudanese ruling class used Kony to make war against Museveni’s regime in response to Museveni’s support for the Sudan People’s Liberation Army’s (SPLA) war against the Omar al-Bashir regime. We can conclude that the U.S. is motivated by its policies of containing the influence of China in Africa.

Lakes Albert and Edward, which are between DRC and Uganda, have gas and oil. Imperialist companies like Total, Tullow, Halliburton and many more are all to benefit from the pumping of oil which is to soon start on the Uganda side. The presence of the U.S. troops is linked to the whole region that, in addition to oil, has coltan, gold, tin and other precious metals considered strategic by the U.S.-led white imperialist powers.

All imperialists go to Africa for looting

Under the imperialist system, everyone from the U.S., France, Germany, Japan, China to Brazil and more go into Africa to get something at the expense Africa. The Congo basin is home to most of the fresh water in Africa. It also has the largest deposits of most of the minerals required to sustain modern life.

Uganda is expected to pump 200,000 barrels of oil beginning 2015. Anyone from the bourgeoisie who claims to go into Africa to help Africa is a looter that we need to fight and send back to Europe.

The UN 2001 report published a selected list of companies that directly funded the war in DRC by purchasing minerals from the proxy armies in Congo. It includes Geologistics from Hannover, Germany, Rwasibo-Butera from Switzerland, Cogem from Belgium, Eagleswings from Holland, Ventro Star from Britain, Patel from India, and the list goes on.

Museveni is chief terrorist in region in the service of U.S. government

Neocolonial president Yoweri Museveni comes out of this video as a saint! He is a murderer just like Kony, Kagame and any other negro colonialist in the service of white imperialist power. 

Museveni came to power in January 1986 through an armed struggle supported by the U.S. government that overthrew the regime of Milton Obote. Museveni has since used a brutal military dictatorship and ethnic repression to keep power.

Elections are organized under Uganda state’s violence that allows Museveni to declare himself the winner each time, despite the overwhelmingly rejection by the people. It is Museveni’s brutal repression in Northern Uganda that created Joseph Kony.

Museveni has been the main tool of U.S. proxy war in Africa. He has been the main U.S. ally in destabilizing Sudan and supporting the SPLA/SPLM to secede from Sudan, which they did last year through a referendum supported by the U.S. and its allies.

It is Museveni’s rule that provided a base for Paul Kagame and most of the commanders of the Rwandan rebel army who invaded Rwanda and created the genocide of Rwanda that was mainly blamed on Hutu leadership in 1994.

Museveni and Kagame joined forces in1996 to forward U.S. interests in overthrowing Mobutu in the Congo, unleashing the conditions of genocidal war that have engulfed Congo up to now.

This quote from a UN report is explicit on Museveni ‘s contribution to genocide in the Congo: “For the more than 20 million people living in the five eastern provinces, the number of excess deaths directly attributable to Rwandan and Ugandan occupation can be estimated at between 3 million and 3.5 million".

Museveni’s army is a key collaborator in the U.S. war to control Somalia and steal its oil: According to a December 20, 2011 AllAfrica.com article, “Museveni has contributed the main strength of the 6,400-strong force and has pledged to boost Uganda's 3,400-strong African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) with another 3,000 troops.”

It is quite clear that Museveni cannot have troops in the Congo, carry out counterinsurgency warfare in northern Uganda, have a military presence in South Sudan and be active in Somali without the support of U.S. imperialism.

The deepening involvement of the U.S. in Uganda and in the region points to the limitations of the Uganda neocolonial army in sustaining its war against the people without imperialism’s support. It is a validation of the reality that Museveni’s proxy wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Central African Republic and Sudan are U.S. imperialist wars.

The presence of genocidal U.S. troops in Uganda, DRC, Sudan and CAR must be resisted by all African people.

ICC is an obstacle to peace between the two bandits: Museveni and Kony

The 2005 Indictment by the ICC of Kony for war crimes has been an obstacle preventing Kony from signing the neocolonial peace agreement with Museveni. Where is the incentive for him if he knows that he will be railroaded into jail by the illegitimate ICC?

Museveni needs Kony to justify his regime’s aggression in the eastern province Orientale in the Congo, just like Kagame needs the Forces of Liberation and Democracy for Rwanda (FLDR) to justify his regime’s aggression and looting of South and North Kivu provinces in the Congo. The U.S. needs these proxy wars to justify its interventions as the saviour of African people as it acquires military bases and tightens its bloody grip on African resources.

The ICC, NATO and AFRICOM are state instruments to enforce the opinion and will of white rulers against Africa, with no regard to the rule of law. The African petty bourgeoisie, whose historical mission is to give white power a black face, is incapable of organizing and fighting against it.

The only thing African leaders seem capable of doing, although inconsistently, is to play China versus white rulers to get more or better neocolonial deals to line their individual pockets.

White solidarity with African revolution and power is the only correct stance

The best way to end the conflict is to end the U.S. intervention in Africa. The AFRICOM headquarters in Djibouti must be closed down.

We must mobilize the whole of the dispersed African nation against the U.S. war on the African nation. We are calling on all African soldiers from Kenya, Burundi, and Uganda not to cooperate with the U.S. army.

We need an African army for African liberation, not to forward U.S. interests in Africa. We need to create a single African State power, not to be servants of or the extension of the reactionary white power State of the U.S. on our own soil, but to exist in defense of Africa.

The first stage to make that happen is to build and consolidate the African Socialist International (ASI), the international party to organize for a worldwide African revolution and power.  

What we need from white people who want to stand on the right side of history is reparations and genuine solidarity. Chairman of the African Socialist International, Omali Yeshitela, has already correctly defined the role of white people from the oppressor nation: genuine material solidarity through reparations to African people and political work under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party.

This video by the Invisible Children group is another self-serving piece of propaganda in the service of the U.S. imperialist state and another fundraiser for a business group from the oppressor nation. It is a status quo video.

Build the ASI, which is the only African plan that speaks to the conditions of African people. This is the only program that aims to destroy the pedestal that welds Africa to the imperialists and their parasitic capitalist world economy and to raise the African working class as the new ruling class.

Build the ASI as the only option for humanity that is tired of over 500 years of bloodsuckers from the white imperialist bourgeoisie and from the African petty bourgeoisie, too.

Apply for membership today! Do not delay!


Not one more day of imperialism!

Not one more day of neocolonialism!


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