Three years later this important international Black is Back Conference is also contextualized by an upcoming U.S. presidential election featuring Barack Hussein Obama attempting to secure a second term at the helm of the most significant imperialist government to ever grace the face of the planet Earth.

Nothing has happened within the last three years to challenge the rationale for founding the Coalition. If anything, our views have been confirmed. There are many left/liberals who voice moderate disappointment with the performance of this first black president. But most of us in the Coalition, though sometimes reluctantly, were clear from the beginning that Obama’s presidency did not represent a break with U.S. history of empire.

This International Conference on Obama, the Elections and the Struggle for Justice, Peace, a Better Life and Black Power provides an excellent opportunity to address the larger question of elections in general and to specifically examine the role of elections in capitalist society. We will determine the possibilities, if any, as well as the limitations of the electoral process for advancing our struggle as oppressed Africans in the U.S. and throughout the world.

There are a number of reasons this is important. For one thing allowing the issue of elections to revolve around the candidacy and presidency of Barack Hussein Obama is to invite a subjective response from everyone who supports Obama for what ever reason.

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