Keith Scott’s murderer “acted lawfully”

Charlotte, NC—The State has once again ruled that their murder of an African was justified. Keith Scott was shot and murdered by Charlotte police on September 20, 2016.

Africans who witnessed the shooting have stated that Keith was in his car reading a book while waiting on his children to arrive home from school, when he was confronted by Charlotte police and ultimately murdered.

R. Andrew Murray, the district attorney for Mecklenburg County presented an elaborate and ridiculous case to the press which falsely indicated that Keith had a gun and therefore deserved to be murdered.

Murray even showed a surveillance video of Keith from much earlier in the day (before he was shot and killed) and showed a bulge in Keith’s pants which Murray states is proof that Keith had a gun.

Any sane African should be armed

Whether Keith was armed with a gun or not makes no difference. He was still murdered by Charlotte police.

There is nothing wrong with an African possessing a gun or any other weapon. In fact, an African would probably have to be out of their mind not to be armed.

The State has murdered an African daily in the United States while across the globe Africans are dying in even greater numbers.

Under these oppressive and genocidal conditions, why would an African NOT be armed?

Murray said that Keith never drew his weapon but his fellow pigs still rightly murdered Keith because they believed that their lives were in danger.

Revolution is the only solution!

The only way to overturn a system that murders us and then congratulates itself for murdering us is through revolution.

This system must be overturned and all its rotten symptoms must be destroyed.

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) has been organizing Africans across the world for over 40 years.

Our Party is building institutions which provide food, shelter, and clothing. We are prepared to govern.

On January 7-9. 2017, the APSP will be hosting our annual Plenary in St. Petersburg, FL. With the theme “Putting Revolution Back on the Agenda!” we will develop organizational strategies for the upcoming year and beyond.  

The African People’s Socialist Party has real solutions for our genocidal conditions!

Register now for the 2017 APSP Plenary at

Not one more life!

Long Live Keith Scott!






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