Join with African Liberation Day 2014 in building dual and contending power!

This is a call by the African Socialist International (ASI) to join with the African People’s Social­ist Party (APSP) and the Uhuru Movement in holding African Lib­eration Day (ALD) events in North America and Europe, on May 24th in Washington, D.C. and May 31st in Paris, France.
These events are being held in two of imperialism’s main centers of parasitic wealth and power. Par­is, France and Washington, D.C. have headquartered world imperi­alism for hundreds of years. They are responsible for untold millions of slaughtered Africans and the misery, death and degradation as­sociated with slavery and white power colonialism.
Today, however, there exists a worldwide uprising against our colonial masters that is challeng­ing the once world dominant and unchallenged reign of white power colonialism.
The oppressed nations of the world are rising up against the op­pressor nations and have created what ASI Chairman Omali Yeshi­tela has correctly termed “An Un­easy Equilibrium” between the for­mer slaves and slave masters.
African Liberation Day 2014 follows the African People’s So­cialist Party’s Sixth Congress by six months. At that Congress, held on December 29, 2013 in St Pe­tersburg, Florida, the basic theme or foundation for African Libera­tion Day 2014 was revealed in the Chairman’s Political Report.
Keeping with Party tradition of integrating practical struggle while institutionalizing ALD as a tool of the African Revolution, was put forward in the section of the Politi­cal Report on Dual and Contend­ing Power. The basic premise is that the struggle for self sufficiency and economic independence must be made and won if there is to be African freedom.
Some history of ALD
In the 2013 call to African Lib­eration Day we wrote on some of the history of ALD:
“We have finally international­ized a consciousness of African Liberation Day as more than cer­emony and commemoration; it is an organizing opportunity that is especially important in the con­text of today’s crisis of imperial­ist white power and its growing, desperate attempt to rescue itself through deepening it’s parasitic hold on the continent of Africa and African people everywhere.
When the first African Lib­eration Day (ALD) demonstration was held in 1972, the U.S. Front of the African Liberation Move­ment was reeling from death­blows being delivered by the U.S. government in a counteroffensive that had littered the international landscape with the bodies of mur­dered, black, freedom fighters around the world.
Hundreds, perhaps thou­sands, of others were rounded up at gunpoint and herded into con­centration camps, jails and pris­ons in the U.S.
This was the U.S. response to the changing world that was re­ducing the list of hosts that U.S. and European parasitic capitalism relied on for its existence.
It was on May 25, at the founding of the OAU, that it was resolved to make that date Afri­can Liberation Day. Despite that historic declaration, however, lib­eration struggles of African peo­ple remained unresolved in Africa and elsewhere.
1972 African Liberation Day marked the founding of revolu­tionary Party of African liberation, unification
Our movement for the libera­tion and unification of Africa and African people has suffered many setbacks since the heady days of the founding of the OAU and the presumed victories of the 1960s.
The first 1972 ALD mobiliza­tion obscured the defeat that had been dealt to the organized Afri­can resistance in the U.S. and some other places. The imperial­ists succeeded in installing neoco­lonial puppets in power through­out the world, to preside over the looting that keeps a parasitic im­perialist world system alive at the expense of the resources, dignity and sovereignty of Africans and others.
But the tables have surely turned, and the future of our peo­ple looks brighter than ever, as a desperate imperialism fights for its very life. White power is on the ropes and nothing it can do will save it.
Today, a haggard, gun-wield­ing imperialism staggers through its shrinking domain, weakened by its loss of extorted colonial sustenance and increasingly iso­lated in a world being changed by the growth of free and rebellious peoples who are declaring that the days of colonial slavery are over.”
Build dual and contending power
The cutting edge for the suc­cess of the African Revolution rests in the questions of organiza­tion and economic development. The crisis state of the imperialist economy does not automatically translate to economic prosperity for Africa and African people.
In our struggle for national lib­eration, our mission is to build the African economy as we participate with the other oppressed peoples of the world in defeating the para­sitic, capitalist economy that has meant nothing but misery, poverty and death for the vast majority of the people on the planet.
As our independent economy rises, the capitalist economy that requires our exploited labor and resources collapses. That is the dual and contending power, the “Uneasy Equilibrium” that must and will certainly end, as one pow­er rises and the other meets its end.
While the capitalist leadership is forcing austerity measures on their citizenry, the African masses in Africa and throughout the world have lived off of less than survival resources for the past 400 years.
As Chairman Omali stated at the Sixth Congress, “Africans be­lieve in economic development. The masses are materialists.”
This means, concretely, that programs and initiatives that can provide our people with the basics of food, clothing and somewhere to live must be put down solidly on the ground, by our revolution­ary movement.. It is the African People’s Socialist Party’s stated position that we stand for develop­ing an economic plan for the entire African nation that is scattered all over the globe.
The Political Report to the Sixth Congress says of this plan, “We recognize this as a bold proposition, but no bolder than a program for the total liberation and unification of Africa and Af­ricans the world over. This is the role enthusiastically accepted by our Party. We have always prided ourselves in our ideological com­mitment to economic self-reliance, reflected in our history of practice.”
At last year’s African Libera­tion Day, Black Star Industries was introduced to the African world, in Washington, D.C. A week later, in Paris, this same economic project was put on the ground in Europe.
That economic project is con­tinuing on an upward spiral, and has since included Freedom Hori­zons Travel Agency to its already impressive list of African owned businesses.
Black Star Industries has up­graded projects in Philadelphia, Oakland, California, and St. Pe­tersburg, Florida.
This year marks the 42nd An­niversary of African Liberation Day mobilizations. As we approach this ALD 2014, there are millions of Af­ricans who are forced to live off of less than two U.S. dollars a day.
This year in Paris and Wash­ington, D.C., the Africa Plan of the African Socialist International is being moved forward by the Afri­can People’s Socialist Party, which is also marking its 42nd year of ex­istence.
It is the Africa Plan that calls for total political and economic emancipation from white, Western and U.S. imperialism. This is a call for the African masses to join this call to build dual and contending power!
Forward to Paris and D.C.
We Will Win!
ALD Paris
May 31 and June 1, 2014.
Both Events begins at 11:00 am
Venue: University of Paris Quest Nanterre La Defense
200 Avenue dela Republique, 92000 Nanterre, Paris, France
Contact: African Liberation Day Europe,


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