Jesse Jackson serves white power

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Jesse Jackson’s service to white power in the U.S. is so noted by British imperialists that they brought him to the UK.

LONDON — With a general election looming in the UK, leaders of the three main political parties — the Conservatories, the Liberal Democrats and the Labour party — are wasting no time in pushing forward their campaigns to gain control of state power.

Labour party leader Tony Blair, whose party is the current ruling party, has launched an organization called Operation Black Vote (OBV) and brought in international treacherous Negro Jesse Jackson to mobilize African and other colonized sectors of the population to vote the Labour party into power.

Operation Black Vote is an organization established with this as the purpose. Its sights are not directed only at Africans as its name would suggest. It just lumps everybody who isn’t white into the same block that they’re calling “black.”

Lee Jasper is the international chair and founding member of OBV. Lee Jasper also represents the Labour party and is the senior advisor to London Mayor Ken Livingstone on race relations, equality and diversity.

Lee Jasper represents white power in black face. He is what we call the black petty bourgeoisie — a neo-colonial puppet that the white ruling class uses to attack African people when it is too difficult to do it openly with a white face.

More specifically, he is a neo-colonial puppet who Ken Livingstone and Labour use to try to mobilize Africans and other colonized peoples throughout London for support or votes, or to disguise the crisis of imperialism.

In 2001, Lee Jasper first got himself recognized by the masses as a force in London politics by saying that there should be “black” only schools. Of course, this was obviously just a ploy to gain media attention and respect from the African community because he himself is a self-proclaimed integrationist.

Operation Black Vote is an organization of opportunists and integrationists. It is made up of lawyers, magistrates, judges and councillors all seeking individual solutions. The OBV is the tool by which they get supporters so that they can get voted onto the London Assembly or integrated into other colonial governmental institutions that may benefit themselves or the party that they represent. Malcolm X correctly identified these forces as House Negroes as their interests do not lie with the African working class, but with the bourgeoisie who’s house they “live in.”

So it was no surprise when in March OBV brought Jesse Jackson to help them mobilize the African vote to the Labour Party.

From the pulpit to the palace

Reverend Jesse Jackson first came onto the political scene as a member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a petty bourgeois formation that was led by Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movement was a movement for limited rights for Africans in the U.S. led by the African petty bourgeoisie and supported and encouraged by the liberal sector of the white ruling class.

Through the Civil Rights Movement, these forces unwittingly awakened the political consciousness of the masses of African workers, helping to give rise to the Black Power Movement in the U.S. It was here that Jesse Jackson consolidated his relationship with white power.

Jesse Jackson is a liberal, neo-colonial black activist who is in loyal servitude to the U.S. white ruling class. He shows his solidarity with them by mobilizing the colonized African masses to participate in the U.S elections with the objective of winning political power for the Democratic Party.

Jesse Jackson, Negro for hire, comes to London to serve British white power

In March, Jesse Jackson made a pilgrimage to London in the service of white power. Anticipating the general election he came with the purpose of mobilizing the so-called “black Brits” and other colonized peoples to register to vote.

The main focus of his trip was to attend a conference called the “The Politics of Power.” This conference took place on March 9, 2005 at the Friends Meeting House in Euston, Central London.

It was anticipated that plenty Africans and other oppressed peoples would attend this conference as the conference is supported by petty bourgeois Negroes Diane Abbott and Lee Jasper and Karen Chouhan, a Pakistani born petty bourgeois force who is the director of the 1990 Trust, a black reformist organization in London.

The election process itself is nothing but a non-violent struggle between different sectors of the white ruling class over who is going to control the State apparatus.

“No matter who you vote for, white power wins. ”

The Uhuru movement decided to attend this conference with the objective of winning the African masses to participate in building the African Socialist International (ASI) and attending the organization’s June conference. The ASI is an international party of African revolutionaries dedicated to the liberation and unification of Africa.

Uhuru Movement forces came armed with Burning Spear Newspapers, and a statement on Jesse Jackson. This statement revealed his relationship with the U.S ruling class, and stated that the only way out of our oppressive colonial relationship with white power is to build a worldwide revolutionary organization of African people, with the task of liberating and unifying Africa under a continental socialist State, under the leadership of the African working class in alliance with the poor peasantry. The statement was well received by the masses.

Jackson introduced himself by shouting, “I am somebody.” He preceded his introduction with some other chants and then began his presentation. The first thing he talked about was his struggle to get Africans elected. He then went into the usual tirade, blaming Africans for all of our own problems and letting imperialism off the hook.

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Lee Jasper is Mayor Ken Livingstone’s sidekick who is used to keep the Africans in line.

Jackson wasted no time in attempting to lead Africans to the Labour party as our savior and imprinting in the minds of Africans that voting is our vehicle to freedom.

Jesse Jackson said that his grandparents died for the right to vote, and because of that, we have to use the vote as our only way to freedom. He even went so far as to say that even if you can’t read, you should mark the ballot and vote.

He warned Africans of the threat of fascists getting into power and said that through voting, “blacks” could change the course in British history.

What he then began to chant was just ridiculous. He said, “We must vote for debt relief. We must vote for drinkable water. Vote for the eradication of AIDS.” Jackson even brought himself to say that voting is the “revolutionary thing to do.”

Elections are non-violent struggles between sectors of bourgeoisie for control of the State

The reality is that participating in the imperialist voting process is far from revolutionary. The election process itself is nothing but a non-violent struggle between different sectors of the white ruling class over who is going to control the State apparatus.


Every party represents class interests. However, each of the imperialist parties — whether Conservatory, Liberal Democrat or Labour — represent the interests of the white ruling class. It is a bourgeois democracy where they allow Africans and other colonized peoples to vote, but no matter who you vote for, we can’t get power in our own hands.

No matter who you vote for, white power wins.

Jesse Jackson’s service to the imperialist Labour party was not finished at the close of the conference. He also appeared on two BBC television shows on Thursday, March 10 and Sunday, March 13.

In both shows he talked about diversity, equality and all the other nonsense members of the petty bourgeoisie use to bamboozle the masses and lead us away from struggling for independence. On the Thursday show he said that he registered approximately 100 people to vote, and on the Sunday show he said over 3,000 people contacted Operation Black Vote before the registration deadline.

Building the African Socialist International is only way out

The Uhuru movement recognizes that people like Jesse Jackson are not here to solve the contradictions that we face as the oppressed and colonized African working class. In fact he does the opposite and tries to solve the crisis of imperialism.

The only way out of this mess for us is to build the African Socialist International (ASI) a world wide revolutionary organization of African people, with the task of liberating and unifying Africa under a continental socialist State, under the leadership of the African working class in alliance with poor peasantry.

Build the African Socialist International!



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