Janice Kant of the African People’s Solidarity Committee wins the Biko Lumumba Comrade of the Quarter Award

The African People's Socialist Party (APSP) Uhuru Movement Acknowledgment and Recognition Program proudly announces the Biko Lumumba Comrade of the Quarter winner: Janice Kant, African People's Education and Defense Fund Administrator and Uhuru Foods Coordinator, St. Petersburg, FL.
She was nominated by Kitty Reilly, Director of the Office of Reparations and Economic Development and member of the African People's Solidarity Committee (APSC).
This is what Kitty had to say about Janice:
I am nominating APSC member, Janice Kant, as Comrade of the Quarter for her outstanding work in this past quarter under the leadership of the Party’s Office of Economic Development (OEDF).
Under the leadership of the African People's Socialist Party's Deputy Chair, Ona Zene’ Yeshitela, all of Janice’s talents, skills and training were called on by the Party in the process of implementing the mandates of the 5th Party Congress for OEDF.
Janice brings science and professionalism to all areas of her work.
She readily makes herself available with enthusiasm and responds immediately to requests, regardless of how busy she may be.
She solves problems and empowers others to solve problems and move forward.
She gives the tools needed through research and by referring back to the documents representing the policies, protocols and procedures that have been established.
If there is no protocol, Janice will propose one. She is one of the most valuable members of every committee she is on.
Under the leadership of Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the African Socialist International and African People's Socialist Party, Janice participated in the committee establishing the legal documents to form Black Star Industries (BSI) as an LLC.
Janice was the liaison with the lawyer to ensure that all legal documents reflected the Party’s determinations and that the LLC was consolidated.
This was no easy task, because it meant interpreting African Internationalism into legalese! BSI is now a legal entity in the U.S. and is also registered in Europe.
Janice was the liaison with African Socialist International UK (ASI UK) to establish Youth Education Supplies (YES) as a non-profit registered in Europe as well.
Janice participated in all of the budget training meetings under Deputy Chair for all Party departments and organizations and created the monthly and annual budget process and forms.
She contributes to advancing economic development strategies and has made herself available to all departments and organizations for additional trainings in the new and complex system that is part of the 5th Party Congress mandate to create one Party budget.
This process contributes to bringing all of the resources and assets of the movement under the centralized leadership and ownership of the Party.
She has contributed to creating many of the protocols, procedures, policies and manuals for different areas of work. These include the Budget and Finance Manual for all Party Departments/Organizations and Non-Profits, the very complex Black Star Industries Manual and the APEDF Human Resources Manual.
This level of professionalism can’t be overlooked.
The manuals codify the organizational entity into an institution with guidelines that enable everyone to participate and build, and enables the work to be held accountable to individuals, as the Party intended.
It allows the organizations and institutions to continue to develop, with or without individuals involved now, for the future growth of the Party.
Janice also works as the Administrator for the African People’s Education and Defense Fund and as a leading member of APSC’s Office of Reparations and Economic Development as she coordinates Uhuru Foods and Pies in Florida.
Janice coordinates, with the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, a successful weekly Market Breakfast booth at the Saturday Market in St. Pete, based on unity with reparations and winning material solidarity to the APSP.
Thank you for your consideration of this outstanding candidate.
-Kitty Reilly
As the winner of the Biko Lumumba Comrade of the Quarter Award, Janice will receive the following:
A $50 gift card
The Biko Lumumba Comrade of the Quarter Plaque
An article in the Burning Spear Newspaper
Recognition on Uhuru News and Radio
Recognition at an Uhuru Event
The African People's Socialist Party wants to recognize our other nominees who did an outstanding job:
Camilla Hyppolyte, AAPDEP Assistant Tour Manager, Dunedin, Florida nominated by Dr. Aisha Fields, Director of AAPEDP
Markus (Malako) Kothner, APSP LPO Leader Brussels nominated by Ruth Kimathi, ASI Secretary London
Lusila Ledu, APSP LPO Leader Paris nominated by Ruth Kimathi, ASI Secretary London
Stephanie Midler, USM National Chair, St. Petersburg, Florida nominated by Jesse Nevel, USM National Outreach Chair, St. Petersburg, Florida
Mudjacka Mvunku, APSP Director of Agitation and Propaganda, Germany nominated by Ruth Kimathi, ASI Secretary London
Pete Yaroschuk, Operations Director & Project Coordinator Uhuru House/Uhuru Jiko, Oakland, CA nominated by Maureen Wagener, Director of Uhuru Foods and Pies
The Party thanks all of you and our Recognition Committee for their contributions to this important program.
The Recognition Committee 2012 consists of the following comrades:
Nyabinga Dzimbabwe, Director of Agitation and Propaganda, St. Petersburg, FL
Nate Gilliam, Director Economic Development AAPDEP, Milwaukee, WI
Penny Hess, Chairwoman APSC, St. Petersburg, FL
Kwabena Gyakye Kimathi, President InPDUM, United Kingdom
Stephanie Midler, President of USM, St. Petersburg, FL
Rich Piedrahita, NE Regional Representative, Washington, DC
Princess Williams, President of InPDUM, St. Petersburg, FL


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