International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement – Sweden condemns the attacks on mosques in Sweden

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement – Sweden condemns the colonial attacks on the mosques in Sweden. 
There have been three attacks in one week alone.One mosque  has been attacked twice, burning the mosque.
The whole area had to be evacuated. Five people were injured and sent to the hospital. A man threw objects through the window, which started the fire.
The assault on the mosques is an integral part of vicious and generalized anti-Muslim sentiments against colonized peoples, particularly Muslim peoples in Europe.
Sweden is a place where African children in the Somali community are stolen under the fallacious pretext that the parents are mistreating their own children.
Information is collected from children without the knowledge of their parents and children are handed over to white families who receive vast sums of money to raise our children away from their parents and community.
We have seen in Sweden the rise of political parties whose agenda is openly and explicitly anti- black/brown and Muslim people.
“Combat immigration” is usually the password for attacks on colonized peoples’ basic democratic rights. White nationalist groups that attack colonized people take their lead from Sweden’s government itself. 
Sweden is a supporter of NATO’s imperialist forces that have occupied Afghanistan for 13 years in the alleged war against terror.
The reality is that NATO‘s armed forces are the ones who have brought terrorism there. They may not take Afghan children and hand them over to white families as they do with Somali children; they instead steal them from their families by sending them to early graves with their bombs. These are not isolated attacks.
Everywhere in Europe, we see white people, instead of joining the rest of the world in fighting to overthrow imperialism, are taking matters in their own hands, accusing their governments of being too slow or too kind to oppressed peoples and assaulting or demanding harsher measures against non-white peoples in their respective countries.
We have seen the rise of far-right parties in Sweden like the Swedish Democrats, just like in Britain with UKIP and Front National in France; these parties are the main beneficiaries of the loss of faith by white people in the traditional parties.
They don’t blame parasitic capitalism; they blame the victims of parasitic capitalism, which are us black people and other oppressed peoples on earth.
Their attacks are not against the Eastern Europeans who have come from Poland, Lithuania, Albania,  etc.
The attacks are against us and other oppressed peoples like the Romani who face oppression at the hands of Swedish police, for the simple reason that we are not part of the European nation.
We support the call by oppressed peoples in Sweden to resist white mob terror and intimidation.
We have the right to live anywhere without terror.
Sweden, like the rest of the European nation, has been built with stolen African labor and resources.
We are in Sweden because Sweden has our resources, has lived and is living off our resources.
We are calling on all African and oppressed peoples to stand in solidarity with Muslim peoples against colonial attacks by white mobs in Sweden.


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