InPDUM to March on Atlanta Demanding Freedom for Troy Davis

The following statement was released by the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement

On Tuesday, December 9 the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement will converge on Atlanta, GA to join various other organizations and activists as we demand the immediate overturning of the conviction and death penalty of Troy Davis – an African man on death row accused of killing a cop.

InPDUM is opposed to the imprisonment and execution of Troy Davis by the U.S. colonial government primarly because the U.S. is an illegitmate authority in the lives of African people. It does not carry out “justice” based on laws that serve the interests of the people – but rather laws which serve the interests of the white ruling class of this social system. Further, Troy’s democratic rights have been trampled on by the State throughout the duration of this case.

Troy’s supporters are demanding that the courts accept the evidence that key witnesses have repudiated their testimony against him. But so far the courts have decided that, regardless of innocence, procedural rules prevent them from taking a second look.

In a recent article written on Troy’s case by a former FBI agent this was stated, “Police never found a murder weapon. Seven of the nine non-police witnesses recanted or changed their original testimony. Some of these witnesses say police pressed them to implicate Davis. Some also point to another man, one of the two witnesses who continue to implicate Davis, as the real murderer. Because these revelations came after Davis was convicted, court rules have prevented a full hearing on Davis’ claim of innocence.”

This clear violation of our right to a fair trial by a jury of our peers is a matter of concern for broad sectors of even the white population – as evident in the article written by the FBI agent. Of course, the U.S. government makes up the law as it goes along. The law is nothing but the opinion of the ruling class – and it will change at the juncture where it is in the interest for the ruling class to change it. In a system built on the oppression of African people for the economic gain of the ruling class, the law will always facilitate that oppression.

And while the State will often attempt to violate the democratic space of the majority of the population in this country to protect the economic and political interests of the ruling class – it is oppressed people who suffer the brunt of this repression. As prisoners of the U.S. capitalist-colonialist government we have very little democratic space – and what little we have achieved we had to fight tooth and nail for.

In the final analysis, only a mass movement led by the African working class (which feels the sharpest lash of imperialism’s whip) will free Troy and all of Africans from the U.S. colonial prison system.

The IEC is calling all InPDUM local branches, branches in development and members to participate in this very important mobilization. For more information contact International Organizer Diop Olugbala at 215-500-0555.

Free Troy Davis! Free H Rap Brown! Free All Africans Who Are Locked Down!



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